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A couple of weeks back I was tooling around the Blue Mountains in a Tesla Model S in order to test out the latest features of Autopilot. As a first-time Tesla driver, I had never been privy to the accompanying app, or the treasure box that glinted at me from the top-right. In fact, I didn't even notice it first. I was firmly distracted by the ability to honk the horn from inside my living room.

But it the beckoning glint did eventually catch my eye. Curious, I tapped, excited to see what awaited me. And that's when I discovered that Tesla has loot boxes.


Virtual reality finally arrived. Self-driving cars started wandering streets and past red lights. SpaceX aborted a rocket launch four times within a week. Samsung started strong with the Galaxy S7 and finished with the Note7 nuking itself into orbit while you slept.

We had new graphics cards, and most of them were pretty damn good. Consoles broke the mould by releasing new hardware mid-cycle and becoming more like PCs than ever before. And, unsurprisingly, we found out once again that Einstein really knew his shit.

It's been a big year for tech. Let's break down this year's biggest moments.