It's Like Secret Of Mana... As A Dungeon Crawler

Sometimes, you're wandering around PAX East and you find a sweet game that looks like Secret of Mana, so you've gotta check it out. This is Wayward Souls, the next game from the folks at Rocketcat (Mage Gauntlet, Punch Quest).

It's out for iOS on April 24, and it looks legit. Hands-on impressions above.


    Had me at like SoM, any chance of this coming to literally any other platform?

      Checked out the website, looks like it's also coming to Android and PC :)

      I hope this game ends up better than Mage Gauntlet, that game was just to repetitive and had shallow game mechanics; though I guess it did have its appeal...

    in the video it says ios, android and PC in that order

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