17 Years Of Pokemon In A Single Image

Seventeen Years of Pokemon in a Single Image

Has it been 17 years? The time has just flown by. Here's how the in-game maps have evolved.

The above image was uploaded by Japanese Twitter user @Ugusyan and has been retweeted over 10,000 times.

ポケモン17年の歴史 [Twitter]


    I swear I was younger before I read this.

      Oh! My hip! I shouldn't have tried to find my original red cart....

        I know where mine is. Inside the still functioning GBC in my bedroom.

        I have 143. Including Mew. =)

          I got all 151 back in the day. On my Blue Cart.

          I hope it still works.

    Back in my day, we had four colors, and WE LIKED IT.

      Were they white, cyan, magenta and a background colour? You must be pretty young then, back in my day, we only had two. ^_-

        Well... IIRC, Pokemon Red/Blue was released the same time as the GBC. At least, that's the combo I purchased them in.

    Some of the best hours spent with Pokémon that's for sure!

    The nostalgia of seeing the 1st gen to now

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    but also shows how lazy they were with the graphics...

    I'm so excited for X and Y, I haven't played pokemon since Crystal

    I remember the first time I heard about Gen 3 was seeing it on a shelf after leaving PNG. All I knew was there was a new red and blue coloured legendary. I fully understand why @Powalen media blackouts new Pokemon games.

    I like the grass in the original better for some reason.

    Nothing beats the graphical simplicity of 1st Gen

    They are missing several generations?

      I've spent the past week being addicted to bulbapedia catching up on what I've missed since Diamond, so I can tell you there's currently five generations.
      1. Red/Blue/Yellow
      2. Gold/Silver/Crystal
      3. Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, FireRed/LeafGreen (1st gen remakes)
      4. Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver (2nd gen remakes)
      5. Black/White, Black/White 2

      X & Y will be the 6th gen.

      Yes, I've spent too much time reading. I've also just bought a bunch of the old ones off ebay to play too... ;_; (most of them seem to be bootlegs so I hope I don't get screwed!)

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