The Death Star's Trenches, Through The Eyes Of The Oculus Rift

If you think about it, flight simulators, with their fully realised cockpits and scenic locations, are a perfect fit for the Oculus Rift. So are space sims, for the same reason. Developer Boone Calhoun, realising this, promptly went to work on an Oculus Rift demo of the Death Star trench run from Star Wars.

Here's one more video of the Trench Run demo in action. Great stuff. Any bets on how long a first-person lightsaber demo will take?

Trench Run [Boone [email protected], via RockPaperShotgun] Trench Run Demo - Oculus Rift [[email protected]]


    This looks like something from one of the Rebel Assault games... except that the lasers are coming from the middle.

    I never even thought about how good Xwing Alliance would be with the oculus rift, now I'm all depressed it'll probably never happen

    So um, Oculus and Star Citizen?

    Yeah, so, that is um, beyond words.

    Although, as much as I love the Oculus Rift, I'm still not sure how third person is going to be handled.

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