What Do Some Japanese Think Of The New Godzilla?

What Do Some Japanese Think Of The New Godzilla?

Hollywood is making a new Godzilla movie. The last time Hollywood made a Godzilla movie, many in Japan hated how the lead kaiju looked. Make that, many on planet Earth hated it. What about this latest effort?

The image above was spotted at an expo in Brazil and as our colleagues at i09 point out, the image supposedly matches what people saw earlier at Comic-Con.

On 2ch, Japan’s largest internet forum, the reaction has been… interesting. Here is a sample (and, as with internet comments anywhere, they should be taken as exactly that: internet comments):

Who is this handsome hunk?

The heck, I’m crying.

Hollywood’s making another Godzilla? Does this sell abroad?

This is the first Godzilla I’ve seen with sorrowful eyes.

So, they’re making him a good guy.

The art is done in Showa Era style.

This is better than whenever they made Godzilla into a total dinosaur.

Is this better than an iguana?

He’s terribly handsome.

There’s something gloomy… Like, “I don’t really want to do this.”

Looks tough.

It’s a somewhat human-looking Godzilla. lol

Godzilla? More like Gorilla, am I right?

I hope they make this like Pacific Rim.

So there you go: Many believe that this is one handsome-looking, brooding kaiju!

ハリウッド版「ゴジラ」の顔イメージ公開 やだ綺麗な目をしてる [2ch]

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  • I’m not a fan of the small human eyes, was kinda hoping for larger evil eyes. It really doesn’t matter in the end, if its got a good story and great animation/effects it will be awesome. Godzilla can be redone many different ways but in the end its a disaster movie and everyone loves those.

  • I liked the last American Godzilla. It looked like what a giant lizard monster would actually look like. The Japanese version has always looked too much like a guy in a lame rubber suit for my liking, way too humanoid for a lizard monster. This looks like a cross between to two.

    On another note, I’ve never understood how anyone could not love the American Godzilla. It was a great movie, and while maybe it wasn’t a classic like the original film was, it could certainly hold its own, and surpass, all the subsequent Godzilla films Japan made.

    • I dont know man. Godzilla Final Wars was alot a fun. You had American Stalin with a Katana. All tha Japanese people spoke English while the Americans spoke Japanese. They went to New Guinea. Godzilla fought American Godzilla in Sydney. There was a giant lobster.

    • It was really long, had very little connection to the series it came from and most of the movie was Matthew Broderick looking confused. It also criminally underused Jean Reno; the awesomest guy.

      That said it was a solid monster disaster film. If it weren’t named Godzilla, it would be more fondly remembered. That’s why he’s called GINO now – Godzilla In Name Only.

      • I can agree that it didn’t have much of a connection to the more modern Japanese Godzilla films, but I think it had a great deal in common with the original movie.

        And yes, more Jean Reno would have been awesome.

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