What Do You Get When You Combine A Speeder Bike And A Pinball Table?

You get a rather slick sub-level in Return of the Jedi, (at 1:00 of this gameplay video) due later this year in the next set of three tables for Zen Studios' Star Wars Pinball.


    Really looking forward to this pack, they look much better than the current set.

      I only play the first table, the other 2 are pretty meh.

      This table looks amazing.

      Last edited 25/09/13 4:45 pm

        Same here. I like the idea of the Boba Fett table but in execution it isn't great

          My goto tables are:
          That first star wars one
          Plants vs Zombies

            I play on PC so hanging out for the PvZ table
            Favourites at the moment are
            The ever popular Epic quest, Wolverine and the sheer bananas of infinity gauntlet

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