I Don't Understand Virtual Pinball, But These Star Wars Tables Look Pretty Cool

Pinball video games are truly strange to me. You take a physical experience which is, in itself, still a video game experience to an extent, then you shoehorn that experience into a brand new game which attempts to replicate that physical experience. Weird. But some people love it and if anything has the potential to rope me into playing a virtual pinball video game it would be the Star Wars IP.

Zen Studios are the creators of Zen Pinball, a multiplatform franchise that runs across iOS, Android, PS3, and the PS Vita. They've just announced the upcoming release of three Star Wars tables set for release on the Zen Pinball games and also their Pinball FX2 game on XBLA and Windows 8. If the trailer above is anything to go by, it looks cool.

According to Zen Studios each 'table' features an iconic moment from the Star Wars series with interactive 3D characters and "unique' gameplay. The first three are set for release in February, but a total of ten are already in the works.

I still feel like I don't really understand the whole virtual pinball deal — but that's probably just sheer ignorance. I think I'll give it a bash on my tablet for sure.


    I always enjoyed pinball, wasnt very good at it, but enjoyed it, its a pity pinball tables are soo bloody expensive to buy and maintain,

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      There is actually a Pinball maintenance course in Sydney. Apparently there are two types of machine demarcated by a date in the late 70s? The earlier electro mechanical games are extremely hard to fix whilst the more modern ones are a bit easier.

    Virtual tables work only when the physics are sound. They are never perfect, mind you, but some do a really good job... particularly in the absence of any real arcades in which to play the real deal.

      I found the pokemon pinball game to be one of the best reprisentations of virtual, it came with a built in rumble pack to give that tactile feel.

    Virtual Pinball is weird. I had played a bit of Pinball when younger but started to muck around on the new breed of virtual games on my 360 etc Zen, Pinball arcade, Williams and gottlieb collections. I soon became addicted - especially when I began to slowly understand the different scoring mechanics etc. I have never ever been a 'score'whore before but now I can't stop. Then one night my girlfriend agreed to let me buy a real Pinball machine. I did and haven't looked back. I now go into pubs looking for real machines (they still exist) - there seems to be a real Pinball renaissance at the moment

    Being a child of the 80's I pretty much grew up on pinball machines and I don't really find virtual pinball games weird or strange, the industry is pretty much dead and at least it's being kept alive in a virtual world to some degree.

    And btw mark you are ignorant and really shouldn't write anything you don't know about.

      You realise that Mark is talking about the postmodern simulacra of a physical simulation? He is talking about the meta and hyper representation of a representation. I think someone else is ignorant.

    What's not to understand? Dangerously close to the old "why play guitar hero... get a real guitar! Blah! Forget FIFA, I can go to the park with my ball!" :P

    Love the Zen pinball games. Really inventive use of pinball and "video game" mechanics with the ability to change views, and you can have some great character and object interaction that a real table would struggle with. The themed tables are great, like Spiderman's ramps being long and loopy like spinning webs.
    Can't wait for the Star Wars tables.

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      That's what I like about the virtual tables. The 'impossible' physics and stuff that would be near impossible to recreate on a physical

    He himself said he was ignorant so I was just reiterating the fact cheesedick

    I was under the impression that anyone who used Windows XP was very familiar with virtual pinball. :P
    Man, I grew up playing that game...

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