Our First Good Look At Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay

Here's our first real look at Kingdom Hearts III in action since the brief snippet of gameplay shown in the announcement trailer back in June. Check out massive enemies, new weapons and a mature Sora who doesn't seem to have aged a bit.

Kingdom Hearts III is slated for the PS4 and Xbox One. The release date is still TBA.


    So, KH3 will be a huge ad for Disney World that you pay to see?

      I will pay to see, I will pay to play, and then I will pay to GO.

      KH3 will be....amazing.

    Looks good but do not get the sense of next gen I was hoping for from this.

      I got a huge next gen vibe from this, graphically. Ofcourse, I don't know what a KH game would have looked like on PS3.

      it does have a huge WORK IN PROGRESS sign on it, so i think a lot of the stuff in that isn't going to reflect in the full game.

      to me it looked like the models where almost identical to KH2's models (probably the models used in KH 2.5), with next gen shaders on them.

      that fire effect was new though, and looked pretty!

      Looked pretty good to me. Although you can't really expect amazingly realistic graphics with a cartoon art style like KH always has had.

      it is one of the franchises strenghts, but can be a weakness for those who are looking for a more graphically appealing game.

        Cartoon art style in no way makes a game less graphically appealing. Badly executed cartoon art style does. KH is not badly executed.

      The real use of the next gen shaders and what not is going to be visible when we see more worlds. Tetsuya Nomura said in one of the interviews about it that they are using the shader to make the worlds art styles much closer to their source material.

      Yeah, how are the little health orbs and gil still 2D sprites??

      Last edited 16/10/13 3:43 pm

    Sora totally has a bit of Cloud Strife hair from AC going on, hopefully we can directly compare them in game

    Is that... a Disney World level? I don't know if I like that.....

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