Angry Birds Theme Park Opens In China

Angry Birds Theme Park Opens In China

The Angry Birds theme park had long been in the works. Rovio’s been angling to create a theme park in China since 2011. After years of planning, the park was finally officially opened to the public last week.

There was a soft opening, with the park being open to the public for the latter part of September, but the official opening was on National Day (October 1 in China).

Angry Birds Theme Park Opens In China

Keep in mind that this is the first official Angry Birds theme park in China. The one opened in Changsha, Hunan Province a few years ago was unlicensed.

Angry Birds Theme Park Opens In China

Located in Haining, Zhejiang Province, the park covers over 10,000 square metres of space with an “Angry Birds Castle”, a Parkour activity park, and a musical stadium. There are also official Angry Birds gift shops and an interactive gaming area where tourists and guests can play Angry Birds on various electronic devices.

Online reactions to the park on China’s Twitter-like Sina Weibo have so far been fairly positive.

Angry Birds Theme Park Opens In China

We visited the Angry Birds Park. It is suitable for kindergarten aged children, climbing up, climbing down, it is very high! Mei Mei can only play on some of the attractions for younger kids such as the slides. She doesn’t mind, she seemed very content.

Angry Birds Theme Park Opens In China

The weather is great, wearing new clothes, going to the Angry Birds Theme Park to play! It’s very rare to see Bao Zi so happy!

Happiness for little children aside, there doesn’t seem to be any details on what offerings there are for adults. Supposedly there are talks about opening more Angry Birds parks in China.

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    • I HATE Angry Birds, something my girlfriend takes frequent advantage of, buying me merch just to spite me -_-

    • Not at all I never understood why so many people went crazy for it. I actually thought that the interest in it would have died down by now, but I guess not juding by the existence of this theme park.

  • A lot of Asian countries really, really love Angry Birds for some reason. Thailand and Malaysia sell KIRF Angry Birds tat everywhere. Not sure how they can make an entire theme park around one flimsy concept though, especially since the Angry Birds zeitgeist as passed. It’s like making a Vanilla Ice theme park based on the narrow window of history where he was still cool.

  • Do people not see how silly this whole Angry Bird’s phenomenon is? Like, this is getting out of hand.

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