Aussie-Made Beat Booster Hits The Windows Store

It's always good to hear when a local developer releases a title, as Melbourne-based Current Circus has with Beat Booster, a racing title for Windows that uses motion tracking technology via a standard webcam, rather than a controller, for input.

The game was originally released back in 2011 and relied on ASUS' Wavi Xtion motion hardware, but Current Circus has adapted the title for Windows and regular webcams using Extreme Motion, a "skeleton tracking" system from XTR.

Here's how developer Current Circus describes it:

Beat Booster is fast-paced racing game where players use full-body motion to control the avatar as they steer through exotic environments, pickup energetic power and navigate through 15 racing tracks that feature volcanoes, canyons, tropical forests and dark caves.

Without relying on a traditional, hand-held controller, players are launched into an adrenaline-pumping aerial course filled with stimulating obstacles and challenges as they fight off opponents with sonic weapons and collect much-needed energy along the way to boost ahead of the pack.

If you're keen to check it out, it can be yours via the Windows Store for the reasonable sum of $4.99.

Beat Booster [Windows Store]


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