Tracklist Ahoy For Rocksmith 2014

Ubisoft has released the full tracklist for their guitar-teaching game Rocksmith 2014, the upcoming sequel to 2011's Rocksmith. They've also released a video with some well-known rock guitarists weighing in on the software. Full tracklist below the break.

Aerosmith — Walk This Way

Alice Cooper — No More Mr. Nice Guy

Alice In Chains — Stone

Arctic Monkeys — R U Mine?

Avenged Sevenfold — Bat Country

Bob Dylan — Knockin' On Heaven's Door

B'z — ultra soul

Def Leppard — Pour Some Sugar On Me

Deftones — My Own Summer

EarlyRise — Wasteland

Gold Motel — Brand New Kind Of Blue

Green Day — X-Kid

Iron Maiden — The Trooper

Jack White — Sixteen Saltines

Kiss — Rock and Roll All Nite

La Sera — Love That's Gone

Magic Wands — Black Magic

Mastodon — Blood and Thunder

Minus The Bear — Cold Company

Muse — Knights Of Cydonia

Nirvana — Heart Shaped Box

Oasis — Don't Look Back In Anger

Pantera — Cemetary Gates

Paramore — Now

Paws — Sore Tummy

Queen — We Are The Champions

R.E.M. — Losing My Religion

Radiohead — Paranoid Android

Ratt — Round And Round

Red Fang — Wires

Rise Against — Saviour

Rush — The Spirit Of Radio

Screaming Females — Rotten Apple

Slayer — War Ensemble

Splashh — All I Wanna Do

Tak Matsumoto — GO FURTHER

The Dear Hunter — Stuck On A Wire, Out On A Fence (Orange)

The Kinks — You Really Got Me

The Rolling Stones — Paint It Black

The Shins — For A Fool

The Smashing Pumpkins — The Chimera

The Who — My Generation

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers — Mary Jane's Last Dance

Weezer — Say It Ain't So

White Zombie — Thunder Kiss '65


    That's a pretty impressive list. And if you haven't watched it, you should definitely watch the music video for Wires by Red Fang :P It's pretty damn cool.

    Not a bad track list, hopefully there's DLC packs for more Maiden, Slayer, Alice Cooper & Green Day.

    I'd like to see some Guns N' Roses on there, or some other work by Slash, Velvet Revolver on the 2011 version was nice, but Slither is a pretty average song =/ saying that, it was a fun song to play on Bass..

    Edit: Actually i'd love to see Motley Crue make it on to this as some DLC.. Since there's RATT..

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    The Dear Hunter! Was already buying this, but now I know what I'll learn first.

    Already got my pre-order for the bundle with the Epiphone Les Paul Junior.

      Same, it's a bargain price for that LP jr as well. Since they retail for 199 in the states.

    Same bands as always on every single other music game. They wonder why the music game genre died, it's because every one has the exact same musicians.

    If this game is designed to teach you how to play guitar, it should also teach you how to not follow the steps of every failed band and musician before you, who tried to replicate the exact sounds of these bands. Give us a broad spectrum of music, electronic songs that use guitar, 80's new wave guitar music, current bands like Sleigh Bells, or Ty Segall, or King Krule. Songs like This Must Be The Place by Talking Heads. A Tame Impala track. An Arcade Fire song (they aren't my thing but their songs are really interesting).

    Current songs work well because these are the songs that are successful now, you can't play Judas Priest, Def Leppard or Alice Cooper style music these days and expect to get anywhere as a musician. And that whole 'creating music for the love of it' is nonsense, it's called the music BUSINESS, and every band dreams, even if they don't admit it, of making it big with their music.

    A good teacher doesn't just teach you the mechanics of what you are doing, they teach you when and why you need to do it, and most importantly, how those things fit in context with the current industry you would use them in. They would show you a broad spectrum of successful ideas, not just their personal favourite ones.

    Songs that don't necessarily make the guitar, and by extension, the guitar player, the 'hero', are what we need more of. Songs where the guitar plays its role in an overall song are what we need. Something that teaches players that as a part of a whole, you can accomplish more than someone who just wants to show off and always be doing something interesting the entire song.

    99% of bands don't fail because the capacity to succeed doesn't exist, 99% of bands fail because they learn how to play guitars, but not how to use guitars.

      it's called the music BUSINESS,
      Only if you're doing it for business ... there's no reason playing a musical instrument has to be a business affair.

      How is someone's personal hobby "nonsense" ? I like playing my guitar - it's fun, it makes nice noises. I don't have to be trying to make it in the business and learning what someone thinks is the One True Way of music.

      Besides, some of the best innovators didn't learn under the guidance of some mastermind teacher, they just did their own thing. If they thought it sounded good, then maybe other people might also think it sounds good - now you might have an audience.

      Regarding the setlist, it's a fine set of songs. People generally have more fun (at least at the start) playing songs they know. It's familiar. It's also broad enough to cover a lot of different styles eras.

      should also teach you how to not follow the steps of every failed band and musician before you
      I don't know what you expect of this. Whether a band fails or not isn't likely going to be due to the setlist they started out on.
      You can be an amazing band, and still end up as sort of a failure (Diamondhead and their lack of success), but even that might not be a bad thing - they influenced a lot of bands.
      You can also be a mediocre band, and yet somehow manage to be really successful. I call this phenomenon, "pop music." (Only sort of joking.)

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        Yeah sorry I should clarify, I mean those who release the music they have made. If you're playing guitar in your room or whatever, that's not really what i'm referring to. But when people release the music they have made and then say 'it's just for me' that's clearly untrue, otherwise it would have stayed on their computer.

        I'll admit this is me sort of thrashing against (how metal) the whole nerd gamer stereotype, with their atrocious metal and classic rock leanings, and the holier than thou attitude regarding indie and pop music because it 'isn't technically impressive' or 'in a predictable time signature'.

        It's me reacting to the fact that when I walk into music stores there are no guitars for someone who doesn't want to to convey a metal, hard rock, blues, or rockabilly aesthetic on stage. When you walk through the store, and someone is testing an amp, the smart money's betting they are about to either play a blues scale or a horribly distorted metal solo over and over again until you have to leave.

        I feel like there's absolutely no place for someone who wants to make a band that is vaguely indie, emotionally mature, or even 'cool', to learn. Everywhere you look, you don't see the bands that inspire you, you don't see the guitars that speak to you, you can't learn the music you want to.

        These songs are all fine, and no doubt specifically picked for concepts that are important. BUT they are also available as tabs online everywhere and many music teachers can teach you these, the territory has already been covered time and time again. They should use their position to give us the option to learn songs that aren't covered everywhere else, and in turn, generate some income and attention to the smaller or less obvious bands they feature.

        Music has so many genres and sounds, and that is all readily available as a consumer. But as a student, your options in terms of learning are just a tiny, outdated fraction of that. More variety, something slightly outside of the box, is all I'm asking for.

      What rubbish. Utter utter garbage. I challenge you to name a band in the last 100 years that didn't learn to other songs or start off playing covers.

        And I decline that challenge because like you, I find it to be an impossible task. I never once said anything like what you are talking about in your comment? Of course learning other songs is a good way to learn! I'm saying more variety in the types of songs you are able to learn in these games is what would be welcome.

        What did you think I was actually saying in my comment? Did you read it?

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