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Friday. Afternoon. Community.


It’s been a busy week for me this week. Was in Melbourne catching up with all the local developers for the first three days and headed back to homebase in Sydney for the rest of the week. Met some super interesting people and hope to have some really cool features up sooner rather than later.

But anyways, enough about me. Bring on the noms!

I’d like to get things started with the missing noms from last week, the ones that came in a lil’ too late.

I sit in the terminal at brisbane and feeling the man flu I have caught here, but I’m not sad or morose, I had an excellent time last night.
For kudos I would like to nominate strange, sernobulus and dc for helping get the message out for a flyby meat last night. Triple noms for transientmind tho. He is a kool guy and hung out for dinner and drinks last night. Thanks many!!
Yours (with manflu)

Man flu. There’s a fair bit of that going around at the minute. Get your shots people!

I’d like to nominate Grabda for Community Kudos this week after he generously offered me his PS4 pre order, after i posted in the 18 years of Playstation article saying that I’d missed the cut off date by a week. If it wasn’t for his generosity, this would be the first Sony console i hadn’t had in my dirty little hands at launch.

This is crazy. I’ve known Bagmup for a long time, back when I worked on the Official PlayStation Magazine he used to post on the GamePlayer forums, the games website run by the same company that published the mag. Anyway, the point is this: Bagmup doesn’t comment often on Kotaku, but I know what a good guy he is. The fact that someone in the community decided to just help him out anyway makes me really happy indeed. Really happy. You are all awesome.

D.C. may be the world’s most consistent nommer.

I’d like to nominate DAN! (@dkzeitgeist), good guy. Also MikeTarno (@miketarno), good guy.

DAN! That guy is alright. I remember when Miketarno started posting more regularly, pretty much immediately after that awesome PAX Australia competition we did when he entered something crazy. Good times. Good human beings.

You know who else is cool? All the people in this week’s mega nom from Transientmind.

I want to ‘three-in-one’ nom some guys: @freezespreston, @redartifice and @shane. Red and Shane really stepped up to the plate with some great assistance for some letter-writing business for Freeze, and the quality of advice seemed high, to my untrained eye.

Kudos especially to Freeze for the way he’s handled the whole thing. He’s been treated unfairly, but comported himself with maturity and dignity. Then he’s gone and done something about it. More importantly, Freeze reached out to the community here. I only started posting in the TAY threads late May (so… 5 months ago), but I’ve already hung out, eaten, drunk, and seen movies with these guys enough to get a read on these being some really decent folks in a community which WILL look out for its own. It’s not always easy to ask for help or advice, but it shows a lot of respect for and trust in the people you ask. It sets a good example, showing others that it’s actually OK. There should probably be more of it.

Right. That’s all the sappy warm-fuzzies for me for the next couple weeks, I reckon.

These are words of wisdom. Nay: noms of wisdom.

And funnily enough, the final noms of this week were actually for Mr Transientmind.

People think I’m crazy yeah but that’s ok
All I do is sit here writing crap all day
Poorest boring white boy that you could ever find
Here to drop a kudos nom for Transientmind!
Did two nice things for me this week!
Yeah the guy’s a super freak!
Special noms for him so my delivery’s unique!

Damn it. I was gonna write more, but now I have to go : Not sure if I’ll be back in time to finish this off before publishing, so meh.. it’ll have to do for today!

As for why, well he thought of me and passed on an opportunity to make some money! It didn’t work out, but that’s not his fault. Still well worthy of the nom for even considering me!
Also he gave me a copy of Red Alert 3 Uprising on Steam!! True champion that fellow! Give him a round of applause for being so awesome!

Alright, have a great weekend everyone, and congrats to Grabda for winning this week’s Community Kudos!

Disclaimer — I’m am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven’t forgotten, I’m totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.

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