Dang, First-Person Mountain Biking Looks Scary

Ever wonder what it looks like to pull awesome stunts (like backflips!) on your bike while navigating treacherous terrain? If you were actually there, I mean — not if you were playing a game like Trials or something. Well, thanks to Kelly McGarry, you can see what it's like.

Boy, does mountain biking like this seem like something I'd never want to do. I'll stick to the footpath, thanks.

In case you're curious: this is was performed at the Red Bull Rampage this year, a downhill mountain biking competition. McGarry came in second, which really just makes you wonder what came in first. Lord.

And... is it just me projecting, or does he sound a little scared at the start of this video, before he hits his groove? Not that I would blame him, of course! It IS terrifying.

GoPro: Backflip Over 72ft Canyon - Kelly McGarry Red Bull Rampage 2013 [GoProCamera]


    welcome to the world of go pro!
    iv seen gopro cameras used for heaps of crazy stuff like bikes, foot balls (POV or a football?), make shift security cams

    plenty of fun

    If you like that, try these:


    Even more insane.

      There was a guy (possibly same person) using one of those suits on Top Gear a few years ago, not quite like that though >_

    I thought it was an article for this game

    GoPros are the shit. I relive my snowboarding holidays by doing marathon sessions where I just watch everywhere I went on any particular day.
    One day I'll get the motivation to edit them together.

    GoPro + Kayak + Whales = Brownpants

    This true story brought to you by some crazy SOB.

    is it just me or is he doing the whole 'humming an action movie song under his breath pretending he is a movie star hero' thing while riding down the mountain?

    McGarry is the man, also to put it in perspective the canyon gap he back-flipped is 70ft long give or take.
    Also in the same event another rider (Cam Zink) back-flipped off the 50ft Oakley Icon drop.

    This reminds me of an old game back on PS2 I think. I can't recall what it was called but it was a 1st person mountain biking game, was pretty intense :)

      Downhill Domination I reckon, that was a pretty cool game.

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