Dark Souls 2 Will Have A Comic Book Prequel

Dark Souls is a delicate thing it's a universe unburdened by the exposition. In this world clunky dialogue does not exist and the lore is drip fed organically, hidden in plain sight. For these reasons I look upon news that Namco Bandai is planning a Dark Souls 2 comic book and I worry. Dark Souls is a uniquely crafted world: please don't ruin it guys!

As reported by Polygon, the comic book is being written by Rob Williams and Andi Ewington who, between them have accumulated writing credits on Judge Dredd, 45 and Star Wars Tales. Simon Coleby, who also worked on Judge Dredd, will be responsible for the art. The book will be released online for free with a limited print run for specific versions of the game in specific territories.

The comic will be called Dark Souls 2: Into The Light and is set for release in January 2014, ahead of the game's release in March. I hate to be a worrier, but I worry!

Dark Souls 2 graphic novel 'Into the Light' coming Jan. 2014 [Polygon]


    I will avoid it but after I have plugged many hours into the game it may be worth a visit. I loved going back and looking at a reddit post that someone wrote up on the lore of Dark Souls. How much I connected myself throughout the playthrough and also seeing what I missed.

    ugh, I hate prequel comics, never played a game with one that doesn't feel like it's assumed you've read it.

    I completed both Dark Souls and Demon's Souls and I still have no idea what was going on in those games. I just killed things and explored.

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