Have You Noticed The GPS Goes Out In A Tunnel In Grand Theft Auto V?

Or that nasty-arse backsweat on your character? How about water pressure that crushes your submersible? GermanScientistTV has, in this third instalment of the little things in GTA V. Of course Donald Love has a star on the Vinewood Walk of Fame.


    There are gumball machines outside some stores that you can smash open and cause a mess.

    That's not true. Look at the video - GPS is working fine. Remember that P stands for Positioning, and it clearly shows your position. Navigation doesn't work in tunnels, but GPS works fine.

      You're like that one detective at the coroner's office that goes up to a body labeled 'DROWNED' and says to himself "Actually, he died of asphyxiation."

    Hey why doesnt this site suck up tp gta more?!

    The crease behind the suit jackets and t-shirts changes according to the character walking, same can be said of the pants.
    I don't think anyone has noticed it yet, or has pointed it out.

    I noticed the GPS thing in a tunnel today, some awesome little touches in GTA5.

    Pretty sure GPS in GTA IV stops working in tunnels as well.

    i find that the change of radio stations when going from one area to another pretty sweet

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