I Want To Catch These Pokémon Hanafuda Cards

I Want To Catch These Pokémon Hanafuda Cards

Nintendo started in the 19th century as a hanafuda maker. To this day, Nintendo still makes hanafuda cards in Japan. But is it making these Pokémon hanafuda cards?

As pointed out by Gigazine, a mysterious Pokémon hanafuda site just went up in Japan. The site states that more details will be made available on October 18.

There are Nintendo, Pokémon, and Game Freak copyrights at the bottom, so I'm assuming Nintendo is making these cards. At least, I hope it is.

ポケモン花札 [Official Site via Gigazine]


    Would have been nice to explain exactly what hanafuda cards are, I'm assuming that it's not common Western knowledge. The link tells me, but still.

    "Hanafuda is a traditional Japanese card game that is often played during the New Year’s holidays, at least today. In the 1880s, it was played by gangsters, and its popularity spread due in large part to gambling. The Japanese word “yakuza” originally meant “useless individuals” and is derived from a losing hand played with hanafuda. Just as Nintendo’s lore is inseparable with hanafuda, so is hanafuda impossible to disentangle from the history of Japanese organized crime"

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