Imagine Playing Video Games On This 270-Degree Movie Screen

Imagine Playing Video Games on This 270-Degree Movie Screen

In South Korea, a new type of movie screen is being rolled out. Make that, screens. The tech is called "ScreenX", and it gives a panoramic 270-degree view by also projecting on the cinema's walls. This is different from panoramic projection developed in the US, which uses curved screens.

AFP reports that in the next year, over 30 South Korean movie houses will get ScreenX.

I'm not entirely convinced this will improve the viewing experience (they need to get rid of those wall lights), but I would be up for seeing how it handles video games. Not entirely convinced that would improve gaming either, but hey, I'm more than willing to give it a try.

Movies with a 270-degree view to hit South Korea [AFP]


    If playing around with tri-monitor surround has taught me anything; it can be hard to see something in your peripheral vision and not want to turn your head instead of using controls. It can certainly give you a feeling of disconnect if you're not used to it, something like the Oculus would help avoid.

    Using something with even a bigger display, I think I'd be liable to sprain my neck looking around.

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      yeah if they had something that tracked where you where looking and shooting (if its a firstperson shooter) it would be pretty good

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