Virtual Tour Of Korea With Idols

Virtual Tour Of Korea With Idols

Annyeong. Depending on the inflection, you can use this to say “Hi” or “Bye” or “I wish you well” in Korean. annyeong is also the title of a movie, which promotes Korean culture using interactive elements taken from gaming conventions.

The film is a three day journey through Korea, and the main character is you, the “player”. You are visiting Korea for the first time in years, and apparently, you’re friends with idols from K-Pop groups 2PM and miss A. Members from both groups guide you around urban and historical landscapes through each of the three days. The movie feels like a game in that it involves decision making and real-time input control.

On the first day, you follow Taecyeon (2PM) to a live performance. As Taecyeon reaches certain landmarks in the movie, little boxes will appear in the “menu” at the bottom of the screen. These boxes hold mini films or interesting tid-bits about tourist spots. You can pause the movie at any time by clicking on the “Click to slide” button on the right, and you can go through the menu and catch up on this information.

The rest of the interactive elements are used in equally simple, but diverse ways. You’ll find yourself pushing people aside on the street as you run through a narrow shopping district, balancing a spicy Korean dish with milder side dishes, or taking pictures. You’ll even be asked to face the mirror of your own heart. Depending on the decision you make, your guide will confirm that you are either good or evil. There are even choice-based multiple endings, so to speak.

It’s a neat project, one that melds game and film and K-Pop, the triumvirate ambassadors of what people know to be modern South Korean culture. Check out the film at buzz Korea‘s “Interactive Korea” tab. Firefox users may have some trouble with the interactive parts so switch to Internet Explorer.

Link to annyeong interactive movie [buzz Korea]

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