The Idolmaster Is Now A Live-Action Korean TV Show 

Namco Bandai is turning its idol simulator franchise The Idolmaster into a South Korean TV drama.

[GIF via THE [email protected]_KR_OFFICIAL]

Makes sense! The country is famous for idols.

Here's a behind the scenes look, with the show's stars speaking Japanese and Korean.

As ANN points out, The Idolmaster.KR Dream will begin airing weekly in South Korea on April 28 and will run for 24 episodes.

Below is the show's take on The Idolmaster's theme song:


    well I needed a new K drama to watch anyway

    although I'm actually impressed they went and learnt Japanese. that seems to be a trend amongest the KPop groups these days

    Hopefully they will reach Kim Jong Un's heart and so he can stop the 'silliness' going on right now.

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