Just How Different Is The PS4 Controller From PS3's?


    PS4 controller is so nice to use compared to the PS3... this is coming from someone who thinks the 360 controller is the be all and end all (except the razer sabertooth... its also fantastic)

    the bigger hand grips and those analogue sticks sold me on the PS4 as soon as i tried it... better than the Xbox One controller

      Very glad I read this, was wondering what it was like and if the handgrips would improve it. Ta!

      Although I agree, the PS4 controller is great and a massive step up, comfortable to use, handles are better etc. It is still leagues behind Xbox. The Xbox One controller is simply amazing, it is more comfortable, better weighted, the sticks feel more responsive, the rumble triggers are genius. In comparison, it feels like the PS4 controller is more on par with the Xbox 360 controller whilst the Xbox One is truly the next-gen controller.

      Dont get me wrong though, the PS4 contorller is great, but no, its 100% not better than the Xbox One controller.

        Im just waiting for the day we get actual force feedback in controllers again like the old joysticks in the early 2000s. Rumbles awesome but playing a flight sim or driver with resistance was incredible.

          If used correctly and sparingly it can be fantastic, however, I still have memories of having to turn off rumble in a lot of games because it was almost constantly being overused for even the smallest action/actions and became quite irritating.

        I really want to try the rumble triggers, seems like a good feature but would like to feel it in action

        its funny i thought the xbox one felt too light and cheap... the bumpers are horribly positioned and feel like they came off an OUYA controller... the analogue sticks are harsh on your thumbs much like the razer onza... the rumble in the triggers was quite cool in forza but that was the only game i played that it seemed to work on which worried me (played dead rising 3, ryse and forza)

        so yeah unfortunately i disagree with your assessment... but i'm sure we're not alone on both sides of the argument haha

          What are you on?

          The PS4 controller was WAY lighter and plasticky feeling than the xbox one controller. thats not even a difference in opinion or argument. The plastic feeling sure, but the weight, you cant dispute that, it is what it is, the xbox one controller is without a doubt heavier than the ps4. whether you prefer that or not is up to you.

          i felt the analogue sticks did feel a little different because theyre smaller, but i felt they were much more responsive too and its a matter of getting used to it.

          also the bumpers felt like they were placed right too? nfi why you think they felt wrong? perhaps you're holding the controller wrong or differently to what its supposed to.

            lol i can see this is going to get out of hand... you're entitled to your opinion but everyone i was with at EB Expo thought the same thing... except one of us actually didn't mind the thumbsticks

            i may have worded what i said incorrectly about the bumpers... it was how they felt and how much they stuck out... this picture shows it... sort of... http://ow.ly/q7w7t ... to say i was holding it incorrectly... what are _you_ on? lol its just didn't feel as nice to me... i'd stick with the 360 pad if i could... but i'm sure i'll get used to it.

            i'm still buying both consoles at launch despite not being completely blown away by either, so who cares?

              I honestly dont get how you feel this! you're doing my head in man. Personally, i found the bumpers were integrated so well into the design i didnt even realise they were there at first, i thought theyd removed them till i actually turned the controller and physically saw them there. you can clearly see that in the picture too.

              Unless you're talking about the triggers, the buttons further ot hte back, which yes, do stick out more and could understand like or dislike for them. personally, i noticed they were thinner and cupped to your fingers more, not necessarily bad or good imo. just diff design, though i did like the cup of the finger.

              as far as comfort of the sticks go though, i found them more comfortable than the ps4 sticks too.

        I hate the Xbox controller I feel it's too big I hate the stick placements. I feel the ps control is great I can access all buttons with ease. While with the Xbox I gotta hold the control funny and can't access all buttons with ease

      Agree with you, I've tried both (admittedly for about 10 mins each) and I definitely preferred the PS4 over the Xbone controller, and that's coming from a 360 fanboy. Though I'd prefer to use the 360 controller for every input in every game on every console ever, but that's just me.

      Oh really? Have I tried the one controller?

    Both of these controllers looks great.

    The DS4 llooks like the bigger improvement over it's predecessor given how garbage DS3 is. Where the Xbox One controller is trying to improve on near perfection.

    So it's Xbox joysticks?

    I love the PS3 controllers as they are, so I can't wait to try out the PS4. Everything I've heard has been very positive.

      I hate the PS3 controllers as they are, so I can't wait to try out the PS4's :P They actually look like they should be pretty good.

      I also loathe the ps3 controllers as they are... try spending 4-5 years playing shooters on 360 and then moving across to the ps3... convex thumb grips = terrible!! Your thumbs just fall off.
      Having said that I will be getting a ps4 so this article is very refreshing!!

    The flat top of the PS4 analog sticks is a much needed improvement. I hated the slippery feeling of the convex sticks on the Sixaxis/Dualshock 3.

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      Yeah, feels like your thumbs are gonna slip off all the time, and don't get me started on the triggers (L2 and R2).

        Mine don't feel like they are slipping. I am constantly having to readjust because they HAVE slipped off.

    I'm a relatively sweaty person, but I've never had a problem with my thumbs slipping off the PS3's analog sticks. So whilst I'm sure it's an aesthetic and ergonomic improvement, I honestly didn't have as much issue as others did with the DS3 :)

    Can't find anyone actually talking about how that D-pad goes with fighters. Lots of thoughts but nothing confirmed. It looks like it might be a little more awkward than the 3 for that purpose?

      Are there actually any fighters for PS4 yet? Only next gen fighter I can think of off the top of my head is Killer Instinct and that's only on XBone. So I suspect the reason nobody is talking about it is because nobody has actually tried a fighter with the DS4 yet. I think there's a port of Injustice coming to PS4 at some point, but as far as I know nobody has actually had any hands-on time with it yet?

        Now I think on it I don't think there is. Still, can't even find any reports of anyone that has held it just going through the motions to see how it feels. Would have been the first thing I would have done.

        The PS4 preview video I watched before had an updated version of Injustice Gods Among Us, so there's that.

      Makes wonder if older fighting sticks work with the PS4? I haven't seen anything about it. I have 2 hori fight sticks that I hope i can still use but I couldn't find any definitive info online. Anyone know??

        Nope. info was released months ago. You need new peripherals for the new gen.

        I'm gonna be waiting for an adapter I think.

          Does that apply to USB peripherals? I got myself a Logitech G27 steering wheel set up for a bargain off catch of the day. I'd be annoyed if that ends up not working on PS4 because I'm not going to pay full price for a wheel (don't play enough serious driving games to justify the cost), and also the G27 is a really nice one but I think Logitech have stopped making console peripherals so I don't know if anybody else will be making anything as good.

            I dunno sorry, I don't want to guess... but seeing how my stick IS a usb peripheral, I don't like your chances.

            Sucks hey. Shameless cash grab to force everyone to buy new peripherals. Not impressed. One of the reasons I'm sitting the next generation out, at least whilst my PS3 is still breathing. When it dies I'll need a blu-ray player so I'll be looking for something, and I already own a few games on PSN. But I'll never forgive sony for putting that ad for singstar on my dashboard. NEVER!

      Yah that was my first thought too. But most people who are serious about fighters use a stick anyway.

        I actually prefer a pad. Never had an arcade scene where I grew up so spent all my time with a pad. Stick requires different hand movements that I'm not used to so I lose 100% of the time with one.

          I was the exactly the same! My first fighting game was SF2 on the SNES, so it was pad all the way. But when I started playing SF4 on the PS3 I knew this was a game I wanted to get good at, and I just found certain motions, like 720s and a lot of ultras almost impossible on pad.

          So I bought a stick and sucked for about 6 months. I had to relearn every movement and got destroyed by all comers. That was probably 2 years ago and I can't go back to pad now. Yes there was major suckage, but with a stick you can use every muscle in your arm, with a pad you only have a thumb. Therefore the speed and precision you can generation with a stick is way higher.

          There are some pad players who are really good, even going to shadaloo and evo, but most people use a stick. In my experience it's just a far more intuitive way to play. Faster, more precise, and I never have to stop playing because my thumb callus is hurting.

          I recommend it.

    ps3 is too small, loved the style when i was a kid but now im a big boy, they're tiny. 360 imo is just horrible, i couldn't get used to it and felt super uncomfy - ps4 looks great, not stoked about the shorter sticks but i'll slap on a Kontrol Freek and it's good to go

    I really hope the PS4 controller has a mechanical feel to the buttons like the psvita. Just having that clicking sensation makes it feel so good for fighters and other games.

    I'm interested in trying it that's for sure - I too love the Xbox controller and find it's layout etc just suit me better, and FPS's are far better. With KZ coming out and the rumour of COD Ghosts being 1080p, I was gonna make the leap and get more of my FPS's on PS4 - but I'll find out soon enough I guess.

    I've been playing with the ps4 controller for 4 days now and I hate how tight the analog sticks are. Don't like how it really forces the sticks back to center. I play on max sensitivity on bf3 for ps3 and a 17 on cod ghosts and my k/d was great on both and my accuracy as well. Now with the tight sticks I tend to over shoot my targets and I can't seem to get use to it and I can't stand turning slow on fps games. The ps3 sticks were loose and it felt like my thumbs were moving just as fast as my gun was. Not anymore. Imagine giving a mouse force feed back while playing bf3 or 4 on pc. Where the mouse would fight you back to the center of the pad. They wouldn't like it and I don't as well on the ps4. That's just my opinion I guess.

      I completely agree.. I have the exactly same feeling

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