Oculus Rift Makes Virtual Idol Handshakes Possible

Oculus Rift Makes Virtual Idol Handshakes Possible

The future! It's here, and it's brought virtual reality handshakes with Hatsune Miku. Aren't you happy to be alive in 2013?

YouTube user Netkick recently showed off a Oculus Rift tech demo which uses the Novint Falcon pistol peripheral and a rubber hand.

As shown in the video below, you can shake hands with virtual reality Miku.

Surely, this tech will only be used with greetings — just greetings. I cannot see it being used for anything else, really.

OculusRiftで初音ミクと握手をしてみた [YouTube via IT Media]

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    Question is... How long til that hand turns into something else...

      Well... some Japanese guy did invent the super creepy kissing machine...


    If virtual handshakes are possible, I think it is inevitable that someone, somewhere, will co-opt this tech for virtual martinis.

    Last edited 01/10/13 7:05 am

    Now everyone can get hand-jobs from their waifus, this is the world I wish I grew up in.

    Who shakes hands with their left hand? And man this just makes me scared for humanity.

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