Permadeath Visits Batman With 'I Am The Night' Mode

Permadeath Visits Batman with 'I am the Night' Mode

When it was revealed a little while ago in a list of achievements for Batman: Arkham Origins, folks didn't know what this "I am the Night" mode is, only that it must be big if it's offering 70 Gamerscore on Xbox 360. In fact it's a permadeath run through the game — one life.

"I am the Night" won't be available until after a player finishes the main story arc — which producer Guillaume Voghel said will take about 12 hours — and then again through the new-game-plus mode the game is bringing back. "I am the Night" will feature game saves, but will have only one life in it.

Batman: Arkham Origins arrives on October 25 for Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Batman: Arkham Origins' Initiation DLC stars Bruce Wayne in Asia [Eurogamer via Polygon]


    Now we're talking! Upping the challenge!

    i wanted to get the plat for this.

    but it is sounding harder and harder everytime they release more info

    Have to beat the game twice to unlock it? Blergh.

    "will feature game saves, but will have only one life in it" -- so is it actually permadeath, or do they just disable automatic checkpoints?

      Maybe death in the game erases the save, and the save is just to log progress over several days.

        That'd be my guess - otherwise there's no way it makes sense. You can save so you can go and have dinner, sleep, whatever, but when you die you have to start from the beginning again.

          And maybe to prevent panicked last-second shutdowns, it might actually auto-save every moment ala Dark Souls.

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