Ryse Is Gonna Beat The Truth Out Of You. Or Stab It. Whatever Works.

If Ryse’s main character, Marius Titus, is on a truth-finding mission, as this live-action trailer for the Xbox One game suggests, then he has a rather confrontational approach to conducting an inquiry.

No, I think this is more a sword-and-sandals tale of vengeance. Come on, once he confronts Nero (or whoever that is at the end) and gets him to admit he ordered the Colosseum Screwjob, is Titus just gonna go “OK, well, thanks for being honest. Now don’t you feel bad?”

Ryse: Son of Rome is a launch title for Xbox One; both arrive November 22.


  • I’ve already had the chance to play this at EB Expo & for those dismissing this as just another QTE game, let me say that you’re wrong. We played the Arena event co-op and there wasn’t a QTE event to be seen the entire 15 minute battle we faced.

    This game is an awesome launch title & has come a LONG way from the very average looking E3 reveal people saw (and hated).

    Day one buy!!!

    • Yeah everybody seems to be really positive about this game now, I liked Ryse from the get go just based on how good the game looked graphically for something in that period and genre can’t wait for the launch

    • Hey hey,

      When you played co-op was it local or only network?

      Have heard people say it has local co-op and others say it hasn’t….

      If it has local… also day one!

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