Spotted In The Wild

The PS4's Dualshock 4 controller, all boxed up and ready to go. Photo snapped by Sargon Aodisho, h/t NeoGAF.


    Didn't take long for the Chinese knock offs to appear..

      I love sohy products

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    Blister Packaging? most see this as bad news.

      Huh..........erm why? I don't see any possible logic there...

        I'm exaggerating the annoyance of blister packaging.. maybe you should trade your logic for perception.

          Maybe you should word things more clearly? The way you had it just...yeah maybe you should trade your 'exaggeration' for the ability to express sarcasm properly.

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            As in make it sound more sarcastic/exaggerated?

            Blister Packaging? that's a deal breaker!

            Fix'd? lets end this awkward argument.

          There's nothing wrong with blister packs... The plastic obviously doesn't go all around and I'm sure you can simply tear through the cardboard section. It's not the same as the sealed plastic clamshells which are designed to prevent tampering and are horrible to open.

    Blister packaging... what an awesome way to market your cutting edge gaming technology Sony! (insert sarcasm here)

      Yeah like I saw this packaging and based on this I'm not buying a PS4 (insert sarcasm here)

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        It's not that I don't want to buy it mate... I've had my PS4 pre-ordered (with additional DS4) since it was announced in February. But from a general consumer perspective you can't tell me that sells the product well. It looks like one of those non genuine controllers you see hanging up in stores! I love Sony too, but you know what - it's ok to speak out when they've made a poor choice, which they clearly have in this instance.

    I'm sure the controller's great but that packaging makes it look like a knock off. Put it in a nicely designed cardboard box, Sony!

    Wild controller appears.
    Wild controller uses drained battery.
    It's super effective.

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    I'll look forward to when my PS4 swag arrives and I end up cutting off my own hands to get the packaging off :p

      Thats what the touch pad is for...stumps work on it ;)

    the packaging design makes it look like a kirf bad :S maybe it's the lighting, but it does look like a knock-off.

    It's the same packaging as the Xbox controllers, I have no idea why people are going crazy that it's not the same PS3 controller packaging.

      Xbox one controllers?

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        The 360 I mean.

          Agreed that type of packaging is so last Gen ;)

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