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Yesterday I get a tweet from Cav who wrote yesterdays effort. After two HaiTakus you have broken his spirit. The tweet read, hey Serrels, I quit :(

Congrats to Crotchdot who correctly guessed that yesterday's haiku was Adventure. Crotchdot has long been a thorn in my crotch. There is no shame in losing to this giant memory bank brain disguised as a human being.

I think it's about time I did a wee haiku of my own!

Belligerent men They pick up barrels and throw Throw cars at bad guys

Oh gawd, it's way too easy...

This is HaiTaku. We write Haikus about old video games and leave it you to guess what game we're talking about. If you want to submit a Haiku feel free. Send it here!


    Target renegade

      Two Crude Dudes!

      /edit oops.. that wasn't meant to be a reply.. plus I saw someone already guessed it.. oh wells

      Last edited 22/10/13 6:39 pm

    And once again,
    100 per cent, no doubt,
    The answer's The Dig

    I'm going to guess Two Crude Dudes?

      Rats, that was my guess.

      I think that's gotta be it.

      I'll throw Bad Dudes in just in case.

        That was my first guess, but I don't remember them throwing cars or anything.

          you are correct. no cars thrown in Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja.
          TCD is the one I reckon (aka Two Crude Dudes)
      """Players control the Crude Busters by jumping, dodging and attacking their way through legions of enemies. Because the main characters are muscle-bound brawlers, they have the ability to pick up objects well beyond their own weight (e.g. cars and traffic lights) to use as weapons.[2] While playing co-op, it is also possible for one player to pick up the other to use as a projectile. Players heal in by punching vending machines filled with "Power Cola," causing consumable soda cans to fall out."""

      I think thats it

      Last edited 22/10/13 12:42 pm

      I woulda said the same. Why am I only checking this now!?

    I'll go with double dragon in case the above isn't right

    "streets of rage"



    It's probably one of the above, but for fun I'll say Darksiders

    I don't actually quit..... Just kinda shattered it got picked so quickly! You cant waste two weeks worth of HaiTakus anyway, you're too busy! I have to work off my beer debt with you somehow!

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