This Spelunky Speed Run Is A Thing Of Beauty

Spelunky is an interesting video game — playing it requires a shift in attitude. You're not memorising locations or perfectly difficult jumps, playing Spelunky is essentially the constant acquisition of skills. Skills which you can later implement in a variety of completely different situations. This Spelunky speed run, which almost hits the sub 5 minute mark is incredible in that regard.

The game is random, so speed runs in Spelunky aren't really an exact science, but watching skillful Spelunky players smash through the game is a thing of beauty. They have the technique dialed, they have a level of understanding that borders on the telepathic. The play the game almost as a designer would. It's just interesting to watch.

So even though I'm not a big Spelunky player I can still watch this run — clocking in at 5 minutes 18 seconds — and appreciate it. Warning: spoilers ahead, but if you play Spelunky, or have an interest in it, you have to check out this video.

Via Brendan Keogh


    Wow that teleporter work is impressive - VERY dangerous if not used properly. Also, the way he jumps on the shopkeepers is terrifying and amazing.

    Holy shit. That is beyond godlike - to do it all, AND with angry shopkeepers, AND black market, AND city of gold AND hell...I feel really, really incompetent all of a sudden. >_>

    Also, maybe they should mark this video as having spoilers, because I seriously didn't know about Hell, before watching this video. Kinda ruins the surprise for people who've only just bought the game, or haven't played it extensively.

      Speed run usually implies that it will cover the game all the way to the end

        Yeah but they're genuine secrets, not just a linear completion of the game.

    Just watched it all the way through. Oh wow. Seriously, as someone who has played A LOT of Spelunky that is bloody amazing.

    Yeah, that guy is a pro.
    I think he also holds the world record for most money in 1 run, something like 4.300.000

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