Unintentionally Awesome Moments In GTA Online

You really are a bastard, Ohcrapnick (I think that's your name. That's the what the guy called you at 0:28 of this video, anyway). But you're one hell of a driver, straddling the highway barrier in Grand Theft Auto Online, I'll give you that.

Ohcrapnick's daredevil antics, death by cash register, and a couple of fatalities straight out of a Wile E. Coyote cartoon are among the highlights of this reel, compiled mostly from Grand Theft Auto Online's first week but with a few singleplayer campaign screw-ups tossed in. The video is by Amazingfilms247 on YouTube.


    the last one was pure unscripted awesome

      Didnt realise the AI would do that.

      HA! If someone wrongs you, you wrong someone else. It's like pay it forward for trolls xD

    This should have "Dumb ways to die" as a background music track.

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