While You Were Sleeping

Morning my fellow human beings. How is everyone this fine morn? Art thou ready to consume video game news? Let us jam this bad boy.

We've been waiting a while for something concrete on The Walking Dead Season Two. The game is arguably a better 'thing' than the actual show itself so people are on tenderhooks for this. Looks like we might be getting some sort of reveal tomorrow...

This is very cool. PC game capture is being directly built in to the Nvidia’s Geforce Experience, which launches today. I think this sort of thing has been a long time coming. It's always been way too firnickity to capture video game footage.

People are cosplaying as actual screenshots now. This is very, very cool and the level of detail is spectacular.

This is not even close to video games but it has blown me away: this is a Chinese building. Its windows look real, but they're actually painted on! Jesus. Why?

And finally take a look at what an Xbox One dashboard might look like in action...

In Short The Walking Dead Season Two Will Be Revealed Tomorrow PC Game Capture And Streaming Built Right In Chinese Building With Fake Windows Painted On See What An Xbox One Dashboard Might Look Like In Action So People Are Cosplaying As Screenshots Now


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