Xbox One DVR Automatically Records Gameplay When Achievements Unlock

Something terrible. Something cool. The saga of the Xbox One has swung from one extreme to the other over the last few months. So, after the unsettling news about what Microsoft may be trying to sell to advertisers, there's a slightly better feature of the Xbox One that's come to light. When you hit an Achievement, the on-board DVR will capture that moment for you to share.

Achievements have been one of the most popular features of the Xbox 360, creating a seismic shift in how people play and enjoy games. But if you wanted to preserve that moment, you had to set up external capture equipment to save it. In an interview with YouTuber ChampChong, Xbox Australia exec Adam Pollington said that players won't have to do that anymore.

Automatic recording of achievements is a nice touch, something that lets you assemble a brag book of your in-game feats and that builds on the social stickiness of the whole Achievement phenomenon. Maybe not a console-selling feature but a smart one.


    EDIT: Watched video, comment null and void. Geez I've gotta start watching the videos before posting comments!

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    This looks better than PAX.

    Also, awesome that you can record this but man oh man will you get lots of people uploading useless crap to the net.

    Sounds like a waste of space on my console drive. I don't need a saved video for exploring 100% of the map in GTA or similar.

      If I'm reading it correctly, it only records the moment you achieve it, doesn't sound like it'll take up much room.

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        So instead you get a short clip of yourself in a random part of the map, which without any context that it was an achievement, wouldn't exactly be all that exciting.

        Heck the vast majority of "100% of X" type achievements would probably just be a waste of space, seeing as the achievements themselves will be noted on your profile.

          You would assume (hope?) that there would be a system setting to turn this feature off if you don't want it.

            I hope so too.

            I'd much prefer the memory of a console be dedicated to games, not the extra fluffy bloatware.

    Sounds pointless to me. Most 'achievements' are mundane crap you need to do to finish the game:
    - You completed the tutorial level WOOHOO!
    - You finished level 1 YAY!
    - You beat the first boss GO YOU!

    The only time you'd want a recording would be for real achievements, like beating MGS without killing anyone, but in that case, you'd want to record the whole playthrough, not just the achievement unlock.

      Lol, that's the first thing that popped to mind for me too

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