You Can Now Create GIFs Of Your Videos On Xbox One

Briefly: If you frequently use the recording features on Xbox One, the handy website Xbox DVR has added a neat new feature: the ability to create GIFs based on your videos.


    Why though? I can understand using a gif as a (very) brief (and very small) highlight to encourage people to watch your movie but anything other than that is pointless. There are already too many websites that post a page full of 3-5MB animated gifs that end up being tens to hundreds of MB larger in size than the movie they were taken from. It also seems pointless to reduce 1080p, 32-bit colour movies to 256 colour, 640x480 animations. /rant

    Does anyone else want the soapbox or should I put it away?

      Bring on widespread HTML5!

      I sorta would of expected it to take off faster but people seem to be set in the old, inefficient ways still. Maybe Gawker can show some initiative and replace their bloated 50mb page GIF galleries.

        It's not so much that we didn't have widespread HTML5 support, as the fact that many sites that allow user content consider images safe and not the tags used to embed videos. With that constraint in place, it isn't that surprising people flocked to animated gifs.

        So the real advocacy should be in getting sites to let you embed videos in a safe, non-intrusive manner.

      It lets you choose the start of the gif during the video and the duration, so yes you can make little animated gifs...i think the largest you can make is 15sec

      Imgur started encoding GIFs as webm's (calling them gifv). Result is much smaller, higher quality 'gifs'. I wish more sites, like gawker related one, would start doing it.

      It annoys me no end as a mobile user the heavy use of large/poor quality gifs on websites. Kills my phone and sucks my limited bandwidth dry.

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    Wait! Not one joke reply of how ecstatic Kotaku must be about this feature?

    Noooo! I'm sick of all these annoying, poor quality, animated GIF sucking up 90% of my bandwidth, interfering with the smooth loading of a page when their purpose could just as easily be served by a couple of much more detailed static PNG at a small fraction of the size.

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