DVR Functionality Is Coming To Xbox One Next Year

DVR Functionality Is Coming To Xbox One Next Year

Briefly: DVR functionality is coming to Xbox One next year, the company announced at Gamescom today. You’ll be able to stream (and download) your recordings to any Windows device, too, whether it’s a computer, phone or tablet.


    • With the TV tuner adapter you can pause/rewind up to five minutes of live tv (I think that’s the number) – and essentially it’s already using your hdd to cache the video. But not record entire programs. Not exactly “essential functionality ” – but something I may well use every now and then.

      • Oh, it’s all about recording TV? I’m sure an extra word or two in the original article could have made that clear.

  • This update will make it so so so good. Turns your Xbox into a Foxtel IQ box for Free to air, but even better again because you can download your recorded shows and use them offline on another device I believe.

    amazing stuff.

    • The problem, as the GiantBomb guys pointed out, is there actually anything on FTA that you want to record?

      • For those that don’t have Foxtel? Of course there would be. Most Foxtel shows ARE on Free to air.

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