​A Zelda Violin Performance Worthy Of The Hero Of Time

Just in time to get me psyched about the excellence of Zelda music all over again.

Here's violinist Taylor Davis with a rousing performance of both Song of Time and Song of Storms from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. She plays violin in the rain, man. It doesn't get any more dramatic than that.

Davis has a new album of Zelda music out, which you can check out here.


    A magic violin that doesn't sound totally terrible in the rain. Amazing!

    aaand i just bought her Album...
    Best $10 ever spent!
    I highly recommend this, but buy it through her own website so all the money goes to her:

    Doesn't get any more dramatic? Lets see someone play the violin on top of an exploding volcano and compare notes first!!!

      On top of an exploding volcano IN THE RAIN MAN!!!!

        WITH HAIL! Because f*** knows Brisbanes getting enough of that shit in the last few weeks...

          and IN SPACE!


            WITHOUT SPACESUITS!!!!!!! PHWOAAAAAR X 2!!!!!!

              Wearing sexsy underwears!

              SEXSY UNDERWEARS!!!!

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