Forza Motorsport 5’s Launch Trailer Makes Me Forget Visuals Aren’t Important

Forza Motorsport 5’s Launch Trailer Makes Me Forget Visuals Aren’t Important

Next-gen consoles are always sold to consumers in the same way, especially in the beginning. ‘LOOK AT THESE NEW GRAPHICS’. ‘THESE ONES LOOK REALER THAN THE ONES BEFORE’. As much as my brain is telling me this is silly and irrelevant and sort of useless, I’m still dumb enough to fall for it from time to time. This new Forza Motorsport 5 trailer is one of those times.

Because let’s face facts: Forza Motorsport 5 looks pretty incredible.

And I think Turn 10 Studios has been consistent enough with this series to the point where we can honestly say that, in terms of big AAA titles, Forza Motorsport 5 might be the most important launch game. It certainly looks as though it may be the most essential one. I’m not even a big fan of racing sims and I want to play it for some reason!


  • I think most modern racing games fall into a special category that triggers a part of your brain that gets very excited about things we will never be able to afford. It’s car porn.

  • I’m not into cars or racing or motorsport in any way shape or form. But that was a pretty cool trailer to watch though.

  • I honestly don’t think enough importance has been placed on Forza 5 as part of the Xbone launch lineup.

    Forza has held the ‘AAA big car game’ crown for over a generation now in my mind, they’ve been working on Forza 5 it since 2011 and with Polyphonic being totally incapable of releasing their products on time for nearly 10 years now I’d expect Forza will hold the crown until GT7 at least.

    With Driveclub falling off the launch schedule and GT6 being a (very good looking) current-gen game I think the ‘AAA big car-game‘ genre is just about the only one where you can confidently that one next-gen console will be better than the other over the first couple of years. I think the PS4 will get a GT6 PS4-edition sometime between late-2014 and 2035 but given that Polyphonic launched GT5 4-5 years into the PS3 lifecycle and it STILL had PS2 models I wouldn’t expect that it will be much more than a jump in resolution and frame-rate.

    • If you could use a decent wheel, like the logitech G27 with it, I would agree. The fact that I have a $400 wheel, with H shifter and clutch, that looks like won’t be supported by Forza5, I’ll stick with GT6 for now for my next dose of driving game goodness (note I am actually getting Xbone on launch)

  • Well, look at the old Forza4 clip, and it doesn’t look *that* much better, the videos always look impressive.

    Bigger problem for me is that you would be playing it with a *controller*.
    Where are the XBO wheels? For me Forza is a non-starter without a wheel to support it, no matter how good it looks.

  • I’m getting the PS4 at launch but ill be damned honest this looks amazing. I ill definitely be getting an XB1 somewhere down the line.

  • The drivatar system really makes this game stand out and is the big feature that MS should be promoting. It’s the one really next gen idea that isn’t essentially a prettier version of last year. I mean, imagine that applied to a shooter or an action title. Where the AI is driven by how gamers play.

  • So here it is, along with the Xbox controller, the only other reasons I would purchase an Xbox One over a PS4.

    The only games I played late into the 360’s life were the Forza games. So it’s a toss up between all the great looking PS4 exclusives (Naughty Dog has had a fantastic run) or Forza and the controller.

  • One of my mates has been working on this since the beginning of the dev cycle. A lot of racing games in the past have looked pretty, but this takes it to a whole new level. The sheer amount of detail and attention that’s been put in to both the cars and environment this time round still surprises me every time I see stuff he posts! Sure other games have come close this gen, but the internal details of the cars especially (both in the cabin and engine bays) is just fantastic! In days gone by these kind of models would have been reserved for still shots and movie renders. So nice to see models like these zipping around in real time!

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