Homeless Person Selling Shadow Of The Colossus Demo For $1.50

Homeless Person Selling Shadow of the Colossus Demo for $US1.50

It's in there with a few other demos for Sony's beloved PS2 console. I spotted this on my way into the office this morning and gave the homeless person a dollar.

Homeless Person Selling Shadow of the Colossus Demo for $US1.50


    How generous. A whole dollar. Well done. He can buy 25% of a coffee with that.

      Or 1/50th of a heroin.

        "A homeless guy asked me for money the other day and I was about to give it to him before I thought 'he's just gonna use it on drugs or alcohol', then I thought, 'that's what I'm gonna use it on, why am I judging this poor bastard?'

        People love to judge homeless guys, 'give him the money he's just gonna waste it. Gonna waste the money', well what do you want him to do with it, save it up and buy a wall unit? He's homeless"

        Layzboy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahlWufJqcSQ

          Great video, thanks for sharing it m8

          So wanting to help but also wanting to make sure your money is not being wasted is being a judgemental asshole now? Good to know.

          I'd rather donate to a charity such as StreetSmart (http://www.streetsmartaustralia.org/) - at least I know it will be put to to good use.

          I like to think of it as giving a homeless person the opportunity to do something better. If they waste the money I give them? Then what is done is done, but at least I gave them the choice in the first place.

          I'm sorry, Helen Lovejoy, but I've done a not-insignificant amount of charity work, especially with the homeless and youths. I have a friend who almost 'professionally' couch-surfs and is technically a hobo (no formal residence, no car, bounces around, lives hand-to-mouth, does odd jobs) and guess what? Most homeless people when given money, will spend it on booze, cigarettes and sometimes drugs.

          That's just reality and I can hardly blame them for it. They sometimes need to dull the reality of their life situation. But don't think you're any more peachy than the guy you're replying to because he made some joke about the whole situation. Most of the guys you hand money to will not be spending it in a life-enriching manner.

            Re-read my post again Skip and you'll see that's pretty much exactly what I quoted.

            I will give them the money and not judge them for doing what I was probably going to do with it anyway.

    Could have at least given him $20 for trying...

    If you're going to use him for a random article I think you could have done better than a dollar.

    Jaysys, you could have spotted him a fiver.

    You know, since you got a game *and* a story out of it.

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    Actually, it sounds like he didn't buy the game, but rather just gave the guy a dollar anyway.

    saw a homeless guy selling demos.
    gave him a dollar.
    went to work and wrote article.


      You forgot the part where he earns more than a dollar doing so.

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        or the part where he sold it on eBay for as much as $42 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Shadow-of-the-Colossus-OPM-promo-demo-disc-earliest-known-public-demo-PS2-/161141745036?pt=Video_Games_Games&hash=item2584cbe58c&_uhb=1

        It could also be claimed as a tax deduction, too :p

    Those are probably worth a bit more than $1.50 each. Think of the value in even ten years time! They look to be in pretty good condition too.

    For shame sir, for shame.

    Jesus H Christ, I've never seen so many people give someone shit for doing a good thing!

      Because a dollar for something worth writing an article about is stingy. Better off not including the "I gave him less than he asked for" part.

        He gave the guy a dollar. Didn't say he bought the demo for a dollar.

        Stingy? He gave the guy money. Didn't have to give him anything.


      I'd say if this is the most amount of people you've witnessed doing that, then you're really doing well as far as picking online communities.

      its more of why bother writing an article about giving a homeless guy $1? because he happened to be selling game demos?

      really? did he really need to tell everyone about this? did he want a pat on the back?

      tomorrow's article: "went into EBgames - omg they sell games! gave the guy behind the counter $1"

        It's a Shadow of the Colossus demo that he just happened to come across. It's not groundbreaking, but it's worth a couple of photos and a couple of lines.

        Imagine the outcry if he didn't mention giving the guy money. "Why didn't you give him anything?"

    I get the sense that Evan may have just given the guy a dollar without buying a demo, rather than paying the guy less than what he was asking for them. So yeah, slightly less dickish than what people seem to be implying.

    My guess is that he pulled these out of the dumpster behind an electronics store like Harvey Norman/JB/EB

      Or they may have been his from a long time ago and he's possibly only recently homeless?

        Out of all the possessions you would carry around as a homeless person - PS2 demos don't seem like a likely priority, that and the fact I have actually seen some these discs been thrown out of Harvey Norman about 4 years ago in mass bulk.

    Why even mention that you gave him a dollar? Let alone write an article about the experience.

    If you did happen to give him $1 instead of the $1.50 he was asking (ambiguous article)... thats low.

    ITT: Well-paid "journalist" blesses homeless man with a whopping 1/36000th of his income.

    How remarkably generous of you.

    Hmmm as a fellow sheep I'll join in the anger directed at Evan at the moment, which I don't really get why.

    Rawr, Rawr, Angry at you Evan...Rawr.

    Slaps you with a fish.

      I will join in as well.

      *Puts on outrageous french accent*

      "I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries! Now go away, or I will taunt you a second time"

    I'm assuming he paid $1 for the photo.

    I'm assuming everyone on here complaining also gave a homeless guy a dollar or more today, right? ........

      That's hardly the point. This is like arts students who give a homeless guy a cheeseburger in return for taking a photo in their project. It's not challenging or creative, nor does it say anything about the state of have and have-nots in contemporary Western society, it's exploitation. Evan gave the guy a dollar and in return, got an article and a few photos out of it, along with I'm sure, some compliments for being a good Samaritan.

      It would have been less distasteful if he just tweeted the damn thing without photos, or better yet, not post about it at all. There's nothing interesting here from a journalistic, gaming or even humanitarian perspective. Generosity is its own reward.

    The thing that annoys me is generally the homeless people are the ones sitting there with a sign hoping you'll give them some money, while the raging alcoholic drug using dole bludgers living in an inner city flat for $40 worth of Centrelink money a week are the ones that come up and hassle you for money every day.

    I can't take the moral highroad here, I never give homeless people money anymore.

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