How Many Gaming References Can You Squeeze Into A Two-Minute Song?

Lots! Eric Fullerton, whom we've had the fortune to meet before, returns with a song about... um, gaming references. Basically it's a bunch of quotes. From games. In song. But it's good! You should give it a listen.

If gaming nostalgia had a theme song, this pretty much would be it.

Welcome to the Warp Zone [Dead Workers Party@YouTube]


    That's quite possibly the worst, most disjointed gaming related song I have ever heard. There are much better options like or

    And yes; I do prefer quality over quantity

    Last edited 30/11/13 10:31 am

    That's it... NO cake for you EVER! *hmmmpphh*

    and your two examples are irrelevant since they are specifically created for individual games instead of GAMING in general that encompasses decades.

      This is in response to doggie015's comment..

      -1 forum's to me ;(

      Again; I prefer quality over quantity. One good is better that a lot bad

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