How To Kick A Baby's Arse

How To Kick A Baby's Arse

Hey, new dads and mums out there. I know, babies can be rough with you. But you're a grown man or woman. Get a grip. You don't need to be taking no crap from no baby.

This handy instructional video will show you how to seize back the imitative.

Both me and Fahey can vouch for wind. It really is our secret weapon against the might of babies.

HOW TO FIGHT A BABY [YouTube, via Laughing Squid]


    Haha that was great. As someone who loses fights to babies on a regular basis, this video was both instructional and informative

    Plunkett, this is bad, even for you.

    I don't want to sound like a weeny. But I couldn't actually watch it. I've got 2 with another on the way and as soon as he threw it into the bed I was like "noooo, you don't do that".

    Yes I know he was supporting the neck. I just not into it.

      I dunno man. My 2 girls loved playing like that. The youngest still does but the 6 year old shrieks and tells me off nowadays. Apparently she's too old for that now :'(

        My son likes being carried around by his ankles. Upside down. I pretend he's walking on the ceiling. He loves that.

        Tried doing it to my daughter once. No dice! Did not like it at all.

        I'm sure if I saw video of myself playing with my kids, I'd probably shudder too. but seeing someone else do it, with that title? Just didn't do it for me.

    I found myself laughing at this a lot more than I thought I would

    i'd hate to see the youtube comments for this one.

    If my youngest (2) could wrestle electric death rhinos riding mutant sharks, she would. No fear at all.

    This has been everywhere over the last few days, didn't think it would end up here.

    The kid clearly loves it and it's pretty cutesy, not harmful at all.

    In the end the baby gets it's own back though. They really are pretty shrewd.

    Ah Gavin, just stick to making videos like this. You should see the tantrum he had in a Huffington Post video.

    Also the video would have originally been posted on Gavin, guy in the video, has a numbrr of shitty blogs and amusing videos.

    Neck or no neck protection, throwing a baby even on piles of padding is a bad idea due to the potential for peripheral nerve injuries (ignoring the neck/head thing). Broken fingers can be repaired, but have the baby land on the shoulder and goodbye goes arm control.

    This is the type of video that makes it onto breakfast tv as controversial and whilst some parts of it looked rough, that is one tough baby to be able to handle play such as that.

    Watch out Kotaku!

    Victoria police might arrest you for promoting child abuse videos!!

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