It's A Nice Day For A White Ouya

Just in time for Christmas, the tiny Android console gets its first limited edition recolour. At $US129.99 it's $US30 more than the standard edition, but it's also $US30 prettier and comes with 16GB storage instead of 8GB, so it all works out.


    So does anyone really care about the ouya? I can't think of a single mobile game that I MUST play on tv.

    Only if this thing got a hardware upgrade would I consider grabbing one, too many reports of low fps plus it's got nothing I can't just play on my phone :/

    Meh. Meh and more meh.
    I think even the Sega CD had more enthusiasm this far into its life.

    This is totally why their sales have been ho-hum, a lack of colour options. I salute their marketing team for thoroughly analysing the market and doing due diligence with their research into what people want most from it. /s

    I guess the one thing the OUYA does have going for it is that it kicked off a new wave of micro-console style options. Unfortunately (for OUYA), they all seem to offer more and have better integration with our existing ecosystems. Even then, I have a feeling the notion of the micro-console is going to end up like the N-Gage...

    White product on white background... there should be laws against that :p

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