OUYA For $89.99 From Amazon? Don’t Mind If I Do…

OUYA For $89.99 From Amazon? Don’t Mind If I Do…

Sometimes it pays to be a fence-sitter. Over the past year, early adopters of the OUYA console have been hit with a string of infuriating delays, with some backers forced to wait up to 77 days to receive their purchase. For those who chose to bide their time and wait, the dinky Android gizmo can now be snapped up from Amazon for $89.99.

While OUYA famously retailed for $99 in the US (“the console for under one hundred bucks!”), prices down under tend to be a bit steeper — a cursory scan of Google Shopping turns up an average price of around $150. Even with shipping costs, this is still one of the better deals you’re likely to see for this console.

The deal includes a OUYA wireless controller and case finished in sand-blasted aluminum and plastic which houses a nVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-Core CPU, 1GB RAM and 8GB of internal flash storage. It also comes with inbilt WiFi, Bluetooth and a HDMI output.

The OUYA might not be perfect (you can read the official Kotaku review here, but for a mere $90 this isn’t a bad way to waste the holidays. Just be sure to pay your respects to those brave pioneers for making it possible. Head over to Amazon to check out the deal.


  • Given how many people seem to be competing for that one console in the photo its no wonder there were delays

      • It seemed to work for me

        EDIT: My bad. The deal was plastered with “Free Shipping!” right up until the final checkout step. Article has been updated.

        • The fact that amazon are willing to ship an electronic product internationally seems like quite the change, do they do that with everything now or is the ouya unusual in this regard?

          • Really? Everything I look at and think I might buy isn’t able to be shipped here. Not unless I go with third party places who then charge a massive markup on postage anyway

  • used both of my ouyas about twice, no games to actually make you want to play it seeing as though most of them are also on mobile/PC. Quite a disappointment in the games perspective. In terms of emulation and streaming and other fun piracy stuff it’s well worth it!

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