Microsoft Has No Clear Solution For Xbox One Disc Drive Issues

Microsoft Has No Clear Solution For Xbox One Disc Drive Issues

If you got an Xbox One today and your disc drive isn't working, Microsoft has no answer for you yet. The company says to contact its customer service people for help.

Microsoft doesn't have a fix yet for the issue, which has caused Xbox One Blu-ray drives to make a horrible grinding noise when they try to read discs. It's not clear just how many Xbox Ones are affected, but after reporting on the original issues this morning, I've received close to 100 emails from people who say they or their friends ran into this same problem.

We reached out to Microsoft for comment this morning, and they sent over the following statement this afternoon:

We know that with a hardware launch of this magnitude customers will have questions and we have many avenues for customers to get the answers they need and get back in the game as soon as possible. Rest assured we plan to take care of our customers. Any customer who believes they are experiencing an issue with their Xbox One should reach out to us.

There are many avenues available for customers to get in touch with us including:

- Talking to a live customer support person that can call you back if you don't want to wait

- for support pages and forums

- On Twitter with @XboxSupport

- There are also Help and diagnostics on the console by saying "Xbox Help"

This is what the disc drive issue looks and sounds like:

Meanwhile, IGN says one of their Xbox Ones ran into the same issue today. We'll keep you updated as we continue to learn more about the Disc Drive of Doom.


    Probably around 1% of consoles that are faulty, just like the PS4 - and pretty much every other electronic device ever made.
    Obviously being a popular new console means logic like that doesn't apply anymore though the Disc Drive of Doom.
    It's starting already.

      Pretty sure its a ot less than 1%. There is a lot less people saying that it happened to them than for the PS4 issues

        You're pretty sure? Ok. So the numbers of both have been released for you to get a definite answer? No? Thought so.

        I'm pretty sure there will be more problems reported due to the fact more Xbox one's have been released

        So your sure that it's less than 1% because "there are a lot less people saying that it happened"....alright then

    Yay! Hardware balls dropped score, 1 all.

    Maybe foxconn workers sabotaged this as well.

      In Foxconns defence those xboxes are so big they were probably actually made in Detroit!

    Why companies insist on using slide in disc trays is beyond me. Looks nice, fails more. Most reliable disc drive you can have is a pop-top like the original PS1 or the Slim PS2.

      Don't forget the latest iteration of the PS3! Well, it's not exactly a "pop-top" because it's a "slide-top"? lol

        Yeah, didn't realize they had done that. Went PC only after PS2 days. Less moving parts the better.

      Because that forces you to have it lying flat, with enough room above it to do so... Trays on their side are a pain in the ass too, you always just kind of hope that the little tabs do their job and keep the disc from falling out..

    I like the guys attitude in the video, laughs off his newly broken toy.

    If you bought it from a store take it back with a receipt. You're entitled to a replacement or refund. Despite what they tell you, it's the law

    Took my grinding one back and i received a replacement straight away. It was the last xbox they had and told me if this one failed i was on my own with microsoft. Luckily it worked fine but then the issue was that nothing would play even though it would read the disc. In the end i unplugged my modem as theres no way of disabling all internet within the xbox and let the disc install. It tries to apply an update to the games before it even installs the game and causes the machine to lock up. Once the game was installed it downloaded the update no problems and has been working fine since...

      If that one fails it's still the stores problem and points for them lying to you.

        so a funny thing happened replacement console was also faulty for a completly diff fault (kinect is not plugged in when it is) now on my 3rd console.

          The batch must have been made on a Friday. Oh wait its foxconn they don't get weekends.

    No comments saying it's because it's CoD he's putting in there? Kotaku community, you disappoint.

      Lulz, it's coz he is trying to put CoD in it. Even a Wii U would spit that out.

      Trolling enough? ;) jokes all.

    So your getting emails from people with "friends" that have a disc drive problem? Sounds like sony users are bored and desperate for attention.

      Wow that is a stretch buddy.

        That's where the 1% failure rate comes from. 1% of all the people who emailed with friends that have the problem are just Sony fan boys.

        Edit: Edited to make clearer.

        Last edited 24/11/13 12:36 pm

    all hail the Xblend one

    I do like the opinions being expressed as fact these days by fan boys.
    "Oh, for sure, this is happening lots less than the PS4 problem"
    "Oh, this must be from Sony fans who are bored"
    Sigh dramatically.
    96% of all statistics are just made up bullshit.

    Man, this is turning out to be a disappointing generation so far. Both sides are pretty much 1 to 1 on the advantages and problems so the fanboys don't have that much ammunition to lob at the other side. It can't end in a stalemate, all my popcorn will go to waste.

    The funny thing is something like this happened the the very first CD player I ever bought. It is just what happens with any manufactured product, some are duds. I suppose the thing you just always have to do is hope it isn't you.
    In a years time there will still be a few duds, dead on arrival will never go away. The only thing is in a years time you will easily be able to swap it at the store.

    I imagine that if the store has all their stock completely pre-ordered and sold out until January next year it would be difficult to get an exchange right off the bat. I am sure by law they would have to change it but then someone else in the cue misses out.

    Imagine if you will ps4 launch next Friday, ever damd unit in the country has been pre-sold. If you get home in the am and find yours is a dud will they exchange it on the spot knowing that in the pm some other person will be told "sorry mate, but yours went"?

    I wonder what the law does have to say on that...

      The store can't swap out if they haven't been allocated more stock that what was preordered and can't be expected to. But the store is required to offer a refund if the customer asks for it. But then the customer has the right to go to Microsoft for a remedy and its also their responsibility to repair or replace.

      I would say Microsoft has a good track record with repairs. Anyone with an original Xbox 360 that suffered the RRoD had their warranties extended to 3 years for the RRoD failure and anyone that had paid for a repair before this policy change was put in place was refunded.

        I remember when Microsoft dropped it's price for the first xbox then they offered 2 free games to everyone who bought the console at its original full price.

        It was like getting 2 free games from out of nowhere, best day ever. I don't know many, if any, other companies that would do that.

        Sorry, this kind of has nothing to do with what you were saying.....

          Might not be related but I had forgotten this. A mate of mine bought one when it came out and when it dropped in price he was peeved until he got his free games.

    Im glad i went with putting two grand into my PC this month instead of getting a console!

    Yeah totally dissatisfied with AU support seeing both UK & USA get priority shipped XBox One if faulty and a free game. Still awaiting for my replacement and all they can tell me is 7-10days. Seriously to replace a drive & test (2hrs max. repair, a day either side shipping). Must have occurred to a lot more than they are letting on.
    Another Microsoft FAIL

    Received my Xbox Day One back after 7 days. Yippee no annoying drive issue!
    However, Have been very patronized as due to my unfortunate circumstances MS have given me 14days Gold membership. Wow MS sucks massively especially in AU. No priority shipping and a crappy token gift.
    Massive FAIL!

    Now who wants a working Xbox One! Support will most likely be crap though.

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