Microsoft Posts Privacy Statement Online

Privacy and player data on Xbox One have been big concerns ever since Microsoft revealed its next console. If Microsoft's latest changes regarding Kinect and privacy haven't quieted your worries, you can read through its privacy statement in full over here.

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    Good idea, make it public before people can complain again...

    And we may use the information to help make the ads you see on our ad-supported services more relevant.

    I don't see why the people who pay for XBox Live Gold should be subjected to ads. I'm already sick of them on the 360 dashboard.

    If they must display ads, do it to Silver (free) accounts only.

      I don't see why people who pay for foxtel should be subjected to ads.

      If they must display ads, do it to freetoview users only.

        You're both right.

          Especially since Pay-TV originally proclaimed a lack of ads as a selling point back in the 90s.

            One of the reasons we got foxtel in the first place.

        I know you are being facetious, but I actually agree with you. If they want ads, make Live Gold free.

          Maybe a choice: Gold with ads for a low discounted price, Gold WITHOUT ads for a premium price? Gold with EXCESSIVE ads for free?

            I wish they'd do that at the cinema. Free movies if they throw in a few ad breaks. I'd see a lot more movies.

              I'd see a lot more movies if they were $10 and only tried to skin me at the Candy Bar.

                It costs me over $60 for my wife and 2 kids to go to the movies, so I ain't buying shit from the snack bar.

                  Exactly. $10 tickets and Candy Bar is of course optional.

            Yeah - I'd consider that to be reasonable.

            problem is that advertising these days to too fucking lucrative.

      I think the idea that paying for something removes the right to advertise isn't exactly true. There's so many examples that prove otherwise. Not saying I like ads.

        Helloooooo Foxtel. I remember back when Foxtel and Optusvision first came out and there were no ads in shows? Back when it FIRST came out...

          What did they do to align 20-25 minute shows with half hour slots?

          The ads were one of several reasons I unsubscribed from Foxtel ages ago. Just as many ads as for the commercial stations, but the ads were mainly for other Foxtel material. At least when advertising third-party stuff the ads are occasionally entertaining. With Foxtel you would see the same show or channel advertised during every break, frequently more than once.

            what they used to do, was show comedy skits and ads after each show to fill in that time, it still allowed half hour slots, worked pretty well.

          I remember when Austar use to advertise that they had no ads, no interruptions during shows. Now it is a shit fest of ads :\

    I would at least like freebies off the market place in return...otherwise I opt such thing as a free lunch

    We may use data for adds means that they definitely will.

    too little too late microsoft. you've already shown us how little respect you have for us gamers and i like to think we're smart enough that we're not going to fall for it again. SAY NO TO XBONE

      What exactly did Microsoft do to you beside make you think for a few weeks that the console you aren't getting was always online before changing it as a result of people complaining?

      Last edited 04/11/13 8:51 am

        you're a small cog in a big machine kid. keep turning and maybe one day you'll get your oil.

          What an excellent reply that explained your distress and answer my question. Meanwhile each and every one of you are unique little unicorns at Sony's camp, right?

    The problem with privacy statements is that you can't exactly decline them if you want to actually play. If you want to use the service, you sadly just have to put up with the terms.

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