Second Robocop Trailer Is A Damn Good Time, Except For The Robots

If you removed all the bits featuring robots, cops and any combination of those two from the second trailer for 2014's Robocop reboot, you'd still have a movie that looks like a blast. That's great. Also not great.

It's a problem that's hard to avoid when you bring together a cast featuring Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton, Gary Oldman and Jackie Earle Haley. When Nick Fury, Batman, Commissioner Gordon and Rorschach get done eating up the scenery, there's no room left for the CG robots and guys in silly-looking suits.

They can fix this. all they need to do is get those four into a room watching Robocop 2014, film that, and release it as Robocop 2014. No, it doesn't make sense. I don't care.


    He still moves like a man in a Robocop suit, not as Robocop

      We always joked that to get away from Robocop all you really needed to do was walk briskly. Personally I like how Robocop moves faster. A new Robocop for a new age. I won't go writing this off til I've seen it. Could be fun?

        Oh I'll definitely still watch it, with anticipation that it will be good.....
        Please be good!!! :oP

          It will not top Verhoevens original. All I hope is it stands on its own as an amusing film, that's all.

        Whenever I hear things like "a new [insert old thing] for a new age" or hear about people making things modern or gritty or dark I have a compulsion to shake my head and sigh. All I can think of Poochy from the Simpsons.

    I have no idea what this article is talking about. Did you like the trailer or not?

    I thought it looked cool.

    So this is what Nick Fury did before S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Not looking forward to this, but I'll wait until I watch this trailer at home (work PC does not have sound :/).

    They're also rebooting The Crow too (Hey, let's just rehash every great cult movie ever made!) Or here's an idea, why not have a go and 'reboot' movies that sucked? Fix the story, new actors, whatever went wrong and get a good flick out of it?

    Was not particularly fond of the Judge Dredd or Total Recall reboots either.

      Woah, didn't like DREDD at all?????? That was 100000x better than the Stallone original!

        I really found that Dredd film bad. I've never read the comics though so I might not have 'understood' it. But yeah, I didn't like it one bit, I thought it was like watching someone play a bland corridor shooter.

      The Judge Dredd remake was a lot truer to the original comic than the first movie.

      For the most part they are both great movies. One just sticks to the source material a lot more.

    Loved the first 2 films. Cult classics. But i don't think this will be too bad.

    Anyone thinking Bet365 any time Samuel L Jackson spoke? lol

    I will approach this movie the same way I approach all movies. Entertainment value first, source material second, compare it to any originals third.

    wayyyyyyyyyyy too many people go to movies with the wrong expectations.

    I want to like this, I'm still going to watch it with an open mind but the PG rating is what concerns me.

    Sigh. All of my favourite movies of the 80s being unceremoniously shat on by morons with money. This looks like Michael Bay style garbage. The original wasn't about like, ya know, heaps of robots and guns and action and dude bro action sequences n' stuff. It had a subtle sense of humour, it moved slowly. I'm just so goddamn sick of this current trend of explosions over substance, and this one has me really pissed off. Kill me now.

    Last edited 08/11/13 7:42 pm

    This abomination goes against everything that made the original a classic.

    - Threat is common thugs not an army of robots to get around an adult rating
    - Murphy is not self-aware to begin with, he's intentionally controlled by OCP
    - Family should believe Murphy is dead, this emotion triggers Murphy's awakening
    - The real threat is internal sabotage and politics within OCP
    - Total body prosthesis, lose the arm... and the retractable mask while you're at it. He's product.

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