TV Guy Gets His Black Men Mixed Up, And Samuel L. Jackson Roasts Him

Didn't we just go through this with Morgan Freeman? Look, this is even worse. If there is one black guy you do not want to confuse for another black guy, it is Samuel L. Jackson, because he will not let your arse off the hook.

KTLA-TV's Sam Rubin learned this the hard way this morning when Jackson appeared on the morning broadcast to talk up the Robocop reboot. Rubin referenced Jackson's latest work, including "the Super Bowl ad", which in fact was Laurence Fishburne, reprising his role in The Matrix for Kia.

"Let's talk about Robocop!" Rubin tries, after a painfully awkward minute. "Oh, helllllll no," Jackson replies. "There's more than one black guy doing a commercial." There are at least two more in fact. Well, three, because he left out James Earl Jones for Verizon. (And President Palmer for Allstate, so four.)

Rubin must have felt like a nickel (even on YouTube you can see him turn purple) but Jackson belabouring the issue actually makes him a little more sympathetic. It's obvious he's not mad, but given the chance to make fun of an "all black people look alike" trope when he's got the opportunity, Jules is not going to let that pass. We can talk about Robocop later, Sam.


    wonder if he has a job still... haha.

      I suspect SLJ would be amongst the first to step up and say he should. He was pretty damned embarrassed and contrite, and took it with extremely good humor.

    Jackson's got a point, too. I mean, the guy is the entertainment "reporter" for the station, and he can't even get the recent work of an actor right? "You had ONE job" would be pretty appropriate.

    At least he didn't say Don Cheadle.

      "Sam, loved you in Iron Man. What was it like working with Robert Downey Jr?"

        That's the only one he could have got away with

    Wow that was one of those rare moments where time stops.

    I think Samuel L Jackson went on waaay to long about it.

      I agree, he was obviously offended. I don't think the reporters error was malevolent, it was just a very unfortunate error. The best thing the reporter did was to keep his cool throughout the extended scolding and never trying to defend himself.

      It was that fact, that he owned up to it fully and repeatedly, that meant it was merely an awkward segment rather than a full blown, potentially racially charged argument.

      Again though, I really don't think it was more than a mistake. Mr Jackson didn't appreciate it - and fair enough - but I think he was overly intense and kept it going for too long.

        Yep, full credit to the reporter, if I was him I'd have lost it and said to shut up and lets move on!

      I don't think so, he was obviously really offended and furious to start with, but he managed to rant himself back into a good mood, then was able to get back to the point and just make a few jokes about it from there.

      Plenty of other A list actors would of ended the interview.

    I'm fairly sure the reporter was referencing the "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" trailer

    A status of mine from Facebook last week: "From now on I'm just going to assume Samuel L. Jackson and Morgan Freeman are in every film unless it specifically states otherwise. It's just easier this way."

    "So back to the original........."

    "So back to Robocop........."




    "What was it.........."

    That guy literally just let Nick Fury kick his ass and walk all over him. Made him look like a scared little girl. He may have been talking to a famous actor, but come on! Be a man! Stand up and cut Fury off to get it back on track.

    Stupid moderation.

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    Straight out of a scene in The Extras!

    Guy made an embarrassing mistake, SamJack roasted him for it. Putting it up here sort of insinuates there's more to the story but there really isn't. You watch, you laugh. Scrutiny is meant for politics and social issues, not some dude riffin' on an embarrassed reporter.

      If people post Angry Black Men, it's playing the race card. if they post funny ones, it's not deep enough. If it's a sombre conversation, it's boring. Which way is allowed next week, so people can plan ahead to not do it wrong.

    John Cusack has much more class...

    Umm, didn't anyone notice Jackson said Peter Verhoeven, when it's Paul?

      haha wouldn't it be awesome if the reporter flipped it back on him "What?!? Peter? all these white guys called Peter look the same to you?!?!?"

        haha, but I think it'll be better for Mr Jackson to find that little error out on his own and realise that he should perhaps calm down a bit. People make mistakes. Both people did, in this case. It's just genuinely sad that the baggage of history has people so on edge even now in 2014...

    When's it white peoples' turn to be racist beyond reproach again? Is there a queue? I've been sitting on some great jokes for years that I might save for my grandkids..

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