Six Things You Might Not Know About The PS1

Six Things You Might Not Know About The PS1

You might think you know everything there is to know about the PS1, but I bet there's at least one thing in this video by Vsauce3 that you find new or surprising.

And if not, there's always the NES factoids video to check out — it's full of equally curious factoids!

The Xbox has gotta be next, right?

6 Awesome PlayStation Facts! — Fact Surgery[Vsauce3]


    Was kinda hoping this would have been in text

      1. Originally intended to be an add-on for the super Nintendo
      2. All 2,418 games released would take up 1.49TB or 31 Playstation 4 discs
      3. Memory card held 1mb equal to the largest NES game
      4. It would take 236 Playstations to achieve the processing power of 1 ps Vita
      5. Playstation has 2MB of RAM, 512 times more than Apollo 11's Guidance Computer which is still 0.02% of the PS4's
      6. If all 102.49 million Playstations sold for the retail price of $299 it would be enough to buy every major league baseball team and give every person on earth $1.70

        A dollar seventy! I could buy a whole new sandwich with that much money. <\/zoidberg>

        Last edited 27/11/13 8:47 am

          And some people could buy food for their family for a week with that. $1.70 means a lot do different things to a lot of different people

          Why did I just hear that sentence in Zoidberg's voice?

            Ah! The post snipped my "zoidberg" tag :(

          actually a cheese and ham sandwich would be about an average of $5.50 so yeah could buy a couple of dim sims

      There's actually only one fact really: computing power has increased.

    Apparently an awesome CD player because it has a fantastic digital to analogue converter.

    My favourite fact about the PS1 has always been that it was originally an add-on for the SNES.....

    So, ultimately, the Playstation was a result of both:
    - Sega being Sega [producing batshit crazy/complex tech]
    - Nintendo being Nintendo [somewhat conservative, yet wanting to do it's own thing]

    Which of course turned things even more upside down when Microsoft entered the field....

    Imagine if today it was still Sega vs Nintendo.......

    I'll say that I'll be a die hard Sega fanboi until the end...... yet I still think I appreciate the current landscape produced by Sony/MS more. Sega was just too internally disorganised for it's own good. Though the Dreamcast was a fantastic step towards sanity; had it been marketed better it would probably have made entry by MS a lot harder than it was.....

      The Dreamcast used Windows CE edition as its OS.
      If the DC took off I'd say there would be no Xbox.

        The console has no OS.
        The OS used was determined by the game which was played, different developers used different OS version depending on their needs.
        Sega and Microsoft made available a version of Windows CE which was optimised for the Dreamcast and which included directX support, so as to facilitate speedy PC ports of games. Half Life was the highest profile game I can remember to use this OS. But most games were developed with Sega's own SDK with Katana libraries.

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        Windows CE was only used in a handful of games. The Dreamcast's OS is actually on each disc, and in the majority of cases it was a Sega-developed system because Windows CE, even heavily optimized, turned out to be too slow. Sega Rally 2 was one that used it, and there were a handful of others.

      I told my son (when he asked me this morning if Sony = PlayStation) and I told him about the Nintendo Playstation - it blew his 10yo mind!

        I remember reading about it in EGM back in the day.

        Did you also tell him that when the Sony deal fell through due to conflicts over control Nintendo went to Phillips who created the failure that was the Phillips CD-i.

        Also, hate to be nitpicky, but it was actually going to be called the "Play Station", when the PS1 was announced Sony joined the two words together to make "Playstation".

        I feel old now.

          He's never heard of Phillips so I didn't want to complicate it to much!

    What I'd give for Dreamcast 2, a man can dream right ;)

      I started writing out a post saying I'd prefer just another Shenmue, Sonic Adventure, Jet Set Radio etc on current consoles......
      But you know, I think I would really like a whole new console. All Sega titles, particularly those on Dreamcast, just had a certain "feel" to them. I want that Sega feeling again :-(

      Ahh well.... in the meantime, I'll just go back to having friends over for Soul Calibur and NBA Jam tournament nights.....

      I still got 2 of em.. I have a VGA cable with 1/8th lead to my PC I can plug into one of my monitors and occasionally do to replay Shenmue 1 or 2.. I bought my first at launch because it came out a few months b4 the PS 2 I had a pre order.. bought ferrari f55 with i think.. still have around 10 games.. and Dreamcast 2 would be the reason for Shenmue 3..

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    The original Playstation was awesome. Some of my favourite games of all time was on that wonderful little console. It gave birth to some of the amazing franchises that are still going strong today - like Tekken and Resident Evil.

      Yeah man.. Vagrant Story, Soul Reaver, Parasite EVE etc tec.. I had maybe 400 + games on PS1 the same for PS2 there abouts and haha the same for Xbox 360 and Ps3 there abouts.. compared to my massive steam collection my Xbox one catalogue of 1 game, Forza 5 is rather pathetic I suppose.. Gotta love gaming..

      Yep - so many nights after being out with friends ended at a friends house playing Tekken until stupid AM. Lucky her mum liked us.

    and I still cant emulate a PS2/ps3 decently on my decent PC. says alot doesnt it

      and such a shame the BC 60 PS3's here in AU didn't have the full BC chip installed in it.. I have a BC 60gig PS3 that needs repairing and yes it plays quite a few PS2 and of coarse all PS1 games but I wish that they (Sony) would catalog all PS1 and PS2 games to PSN.. well all the good ones.. still though its fun to play G-Police on my Vita.. hehe

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