The Big Question: Star Wars Or Star Trek

As questions go, this might be the biggest. In science fiction at least, there might be no bigger question. I don't even know where to start on this one...

I have my own personal preference, but I'm not going to go into it lest I skew the results. Because I am super curious to which way this one will fall.

Star Wars or Star Trek. Which is better? Which is more important? Which is more culturally relevant? All of those questions, shrink wrap them into one single value judgement and then vote!


    Star Trek, always Star Trek. I still think the KotOR games are the best thing about Star Wars and don't have a whole lot of love for most of the movies.

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      I'll concede that Star Wars has the better music... only just. John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith are both pretty excellent though. Then again, Michael Giacchino's new Star Trek music is pretty great!

    Star Trek. As a kid I was a fan of Star Wars - when I grew up I got into Trek

    Star Wars because Empire > Klingons..

      Romulan Star Empire > Vader's Empire. :p All you guys have is plastic troops who's aim is so bad, they couldn't hit water if they fell outta a boat, and a leader with a severe asthma problem. Where's your goofy bowl cut hair styles and your grossly overpadded shoulders?? Bah, some empire you have there! I have two words that'll clinch the argument for me: cloaking device.

      Bam! :)

    Star Wars all the way - but Star Trek is still great :)

    Stargate > StarTrek for TV
    Starwars > Startrek for movies as long as we don't count ep 1 2 3

      then you should discount the naff Star Trek movies as well

      Stargate definately was doing TV way better than the latter years of Star Trek.

      I miss Stargate still, I don't miss Star Trek on my TV though.

        It's high time a new series came back. Been far too long :(

          Unfortunately it looks like they're going to reboot it for film. Possibly a reboot which is a recast sequel to the first film. Don't get me wrong, I look forward to that.

          I just miss the TV show and would love more of that in any form I could. Even if they just did a miniseries or something to wrap up Atlantis and Universe. Through in some SG1.

          Come on Netflix, do it!

      Yeah, that was the big variable here, for me: 'Does this include eps 1,2 &3?' Because if it does, then Trek all the way. No question. The enormous drag factor of those three toy commercials far out-craps Star Trek V or Star Trek Nemesis.

    TV = Star Trek
    Movies = Original Star Wars
    Cultural Relevance = Star Trek

    2/3 - My vote has to be Star Trek

    Trek. Star Wars is big and flashy and fun to watch, but Star Trek has heart. And as the great Philip J Fry once said, it gives us hope for the future.

      I love the ambition and world creation of the original trilogy though. That right there is a thing of beauty! How it all feels lived in and a sort of black and white world view too. (Which isn't usually a good thing, but often is here...)

        Yeah, they really killed a lot of that spirit by making everything so shiny in the prequels. I'm assuming it was part artistic choice to show pre-empire/fall from grace, but also just to fit in more CGI, in which dirt and grime and being beat-to-all-hell is harder than showroom floor polish.

    There was a great essay at the back of "Invasion! The Final Fury" (the last of a 4 part Star Trek novel series) which I think sums up why Star Trek is so important. Quoted below, it's why I voted Trek. Not to diminish from Wars, but this is far more important.

    In Star Trek, we weren't chased away from Earth by metallic cyborgs with red dots in the middle of their foreheads; we weren't blown out of orbit, riding our own moon, by the explosion of a backyard barbecue; we didn't get lost in the starry deep; we weren't invaded; we didn't have to take in a refugee alien population; we didn't stubbornly rebuild a space station that big, bad aliens had destroyed four previous times. Earth wasn't destroyed to make way for a hyperspace bypass, the empire didn't strike back, we didn't become unstuck in time, and bug-eyed monsters haven't infiltrated the FBI. In Star Trek, we set out deliberately to explore the galaxy... Don't misunderstand: a lot of the other sci-fi shows were cool; they didn't all suck. In fact, I enjoyed watching most of them. Well, let's say some of them. But only Star Trek actually embedded itself into American culture... And (coincidence?) only Star Trek was about humans with a future humans needing to reach out to the stars, not because Earth was closed to us, but because it's in our natures to demand to know what's over the next mountain range, what's across the ocean, what's past the last planet in the solar system...

    Trek for me. Ignoring what JJ's done to the new films, the universe is just more believable, makes more sense and has better cliffhangers. Han frozen in carbonite or Picard being turned into a Borg. I know which was better at the time and still is. Plus in Best Of Both Worlds when Picard says "We have engaged, the Borg" with the Borg Cube on the viewscreen behind him getting larger, that's my absolute favourite piece of television/film ever.

    Don't get me wrong, Star Wars is great fun and will always be a blast watching the films (I don't even mind the prequel trilogy) or reading the books, but Star Trek just has the edge in almost every possible way

      I deny that the universe was more believable. I mean, I've only watched a few episodes of Trek (usually by accident/coercion because godamn I couldn't stand it), but the crew and scenarios were kind of a joke, like they were living the 80s-90s in the future.

      Somewhat (but not all that much) over-the-top harshness ensues: Die-hard fans may want to look away.

      The first episode I ever saw, the crew of a federation vessel are being attacked by or encounter a superpowerful but now-damaged/dormant alien entity/ship (borg), which is repairing itself. So what do the humans do? Beam over the entire frickin' chain of command onto the ship to go for a leisurely fucking stroll, poking at things and saying, "Ooo-err! Advanced!" No sense of urgency whatsoever. Believable? They were able to teleport, there should've been squads of marines being beamed to strategic locations to set up god damn space-nuke time-bombs and they should probably have been moving with a sense of urgency slightly greater than when you've opened the fridge for the fourth time to see if anything more interesting has materialized since the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd times you looked.

      My brother and his partner then go on to tell me that the Federation is somehow a government which doesn't use currency of any sort, where people simply do the jobs they want to do, in some sort of socialist utopia.

      I've since seen a couple episodes that cement the universe and attitude of the show in my mind as a preachy, unrealistic 'moral high-ground' soapbox / wish-fulfilment universe where being a total nerd actually results in some kind of payoff. And the Klingons... god. They came across less as an actual warrior-caste-dominated society of formidable soldiers to be feared, than as hapless straw-men to knock down for the hapless weenie feds to look good, covered with a thin veneer of what a geek might think an honour-focussed society might look like to keep the nature of their straw stuffing from being too obvious.

      "Oh, these guys are super-tough and scary and are totally a huge threat, even though we always kick their asses without fail, we are in no way complacent about what utter jokes they have always turned out to be on-screen." The suspension of disbelief can only stretch so far, and what I saw of Star Trek has always broken it.

        And yes, I am baiting @dc somewhat. :)

          People from the 24th Century can't be baited. How's that for moral high ground. :P

    A couple years ago I would have gone straight down the line Star Wars, no contest, but these days I am more firmly neutral. i think Star Trek is a better example of science fiction and has been doing better and more audacious things for the last decade- a total timeline reboot being one of them.

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....and a much better galaxy at that!

    I'm torn on this one, because Star Wars at it's very best (pre-"Greedo shooting first" version, pretty much all of The Empire Strikes Back, the final duel between Luke and Vader, etc.) outstrips the very best of Star Trek ("All Good Things...", The Dominion War). But Trek at it's very worst (Enterprise, the Final Frontier) is nowhere near as bad or downright dull as the worst of Star Wars (the Phantom Menace, the complete mishandling of Anakin's fall to the dark side, the post-prequel edits to the original trilogy - and let's not even talk about the worst of the expended universe).

    I feel like Star Trek has given me more quality entertainment over my lifetime, if only because there's so much more of it. But when I think about Star Wars, I remember the Star Wars of my childhood, and nothing compares to that.

      Indiana Jones meant way more to me in my childhood. Here's a shocking confession. I didn't see Star Wars original trilogy for the first time until I was 19. First Star Wars movie was The Phantom Menace. D:

        I probably saw Indiana Jones and Star Wars around the same time, I'd say they're about equal in my mind (though as a child I thought Raiders was boring and Temple of Doom was the best - may I someday be forgiven for my folly).

        I can't imagine what it would be like to see Star Wars for the first time as an adult, especially if it was the remastered version.

        Probably terrible.

        Seeing the prequels first? My god.

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          I loved Temple of Doom more than Raiders as well as a kid. So crazy!

            I guess Temple of Doom had the more action-y bits whereas Raiders of the Lost Ark had more drama and tension building. Our little attention spans had trouble following the plot.

            Personally Last Crusade is my favourite these days. There's so much going on in it I almost think of it as two movies.

              Agreed. Love the music from Last Crusade too. Still think Marion's Theme from Raiders is the best music John Williams has ever scored.

    Depends which parts of Star Trek and which parts of Star Wars we're comparing.

      who was more creative? Gene Roddenberry or George Lucas?

    Star Wars (and by that, I mean pre-prequels era Star Wars), mainly because I've had little to do with Star Trek other than a random smattering of movies and clips of the TV series.

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      This, I've seen all the Star Wars movies (the original trilogy many times, the prequel trilogy once), but I've only seen two Star Trek movies, IV when it first came out in the 80's, and the reboot (which I quite enjoyed). Never seen any of the Star Trek TV series, my Mum was a fan of the original though (had a thing for William Shatner).

      So yeah, I'm gonna have to go with Star Wars, purely because I've seen more of it (even if it was multiple viewings of the same movies).

    Interesting. Most comments are Star Trek but Wars has more votes. I guess Star trek fans are just more vocal.
    For me its Wars simply because its what i grew up on and I love it. I know the new ones were pretty average but the start of the "the phantom menace" (before they land on the planet and meet the Rastafarian) was like crack to me. "They're Jedi knights" ... "We will not survive this"
    I find it hard to go back to the old Trek movies but I must say the new reboot for Star Trek is awesome and I can (and have) watched it many many times. If they keep it up and the new Wars is average again I will probably switch camps.

    Why cant we have both?

      Agree. I find Star Wars more generally enjoyable to watch (of course the first three that is), but Star Trek deals with more socially relevant and 'realistic' issues, so I picked Star Trek

    star wars jumped the shark big time. Lost its charm in the 80s.
    star trek is filled with bad writing, a boring universe and propped up with ridiculous pseudoscience (some rare exceptions apply, of course)

    Trek by far. Deals with a lot more human issues, and is just better in my opinion. Still miss TV series being on air, and I wish we had had a non vajayjay version of star wars test reel (ie star trek) the new movies are good action movies in their own right but there not star trek.

    Star Wars. I also think I'm one of the only people who actually like Phantom menace. Has one of my favorite scene ever in movies (Epic final battle scene).

    Star Wars but I'd be down for a new Star Trek tv series.

    the big answer - both for there own reasons :)

    In the original question "Star Wars or Star Trek", you seem to have misspelled "AND" in the middle there.

    Star Trek - a much more satisfying universe.

    A better question is: Kirk or Picard? To which my response would be Janeway :p

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