Three Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Skylanders

Did you know Skylanders was originally going to be an adventure set in a magical land where no one had to pay $US10 for a small plastic statue? That's not one of the three facts presented in Lore's latest Fast Facts video. I still want a game where Spyro the Dragon is king of all the lands, instead of a character name-dropped to get one of the most profitable game series of all-time off the ground.


    Can someone give me an overview of this game? Is it like the Lego games except your character is the plastic toy?

      It's sort of like the ratchet and clank games, I find.
      You play through a number of different levels with characters that are strong in a particular area. Most levels take around 30 minutes to complete, depending on how thourough you want to be in finding the special items etc. There's a hub area, which will usually have a new character appear every 2 or 3 levels to take you to new areas, which are usually themed around finding a certain part of the "source". The levels are varied, and it's a pretty good game, but I personally prefer Disney Infinity.

        Oh i really love ratchet and clank. Whats the purpose of the different toys? Can you enjoy the game with just the couple of starting ones?

          I've only played a bit of it so far but I find it's similar to Gauntlet, which I love.

          The different toys are just different characters with different abilities. You can complete the game with just the starting ones but some areas are locked off and only accessible with certain 'types' (they have elemental types, Spyro is the Magic type for example).

          I have one of each type, which means I can access the whole game.

          Like the comment below, you can enjoy the game with starting characters, but some areas are locked off/have certain types hat are more effectove in that area. Also, each toy acts as an extra life. The first one's pretty cheap now, I got mine for $25. Just don't get the portable version, which is more like a platformer (but a very mediocre one).

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