Virtual Grand Theft Auto Looks Like A Lot Of Hard Work

Virtual Grand Theft Auto Looks Like A Lot Of Hard Work

In this video, we see a dude playing Grand Theft Auto IV's PC version using one hell of an elaborate virtual reality rig. The highlight is not the gameplay footage on the right. It's the dude footage on the left.

While the idea of being sucked into Liberty City may sound appealing on paper, when you look at the footage in this post-GTAV world you realise just how bleak it was next to Los Santos' more inviting sunny beaches and green lawns.

GTA 4 in VR - Cyberith Virtualizer + Oculus Rift + Wii Mote = Mindblowing Experience [YouTube]


    I like Liberty City so much more than Los Santos.

    I think this looks great. Stay fit and game! 2 of my favourite things COMBINE!

    Was anyone else waiting to see what happens when you pick up a hooker?
    No? Just me then.....

    Anyways, i'd play the shit out of this if it had Deus Ex or Metroid Prime on it.

    Im amazed how the chair function of his rig works :O way better the the always stand omni..... sounds quieter too

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