While You Were Sleeping

Morning! Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. News, pictures of babies, more stories about Grand Theft Auto V. It never ends!

But before we get to the inevitable GTA posts, maybe this is worth reading: China has lifted its console ban. This is pretty big news: it's a big market, albeit one saturated with piracy. I wonder what this will mean in the long term for the games industry. Hopefully it's a positive thing.

And Breaking Bad. I'm sure there were a tonne of you who watched the final episode of this show last night. I wasn't among you (I just finished season 3) but this is a Breaking Bad LEGO mosaic and it's pretty amazing. LEGO is amazing. Can't wait until my kid is old enough to start messing around with it.

The Oculus Rift: I'm in love with this technology. Now it's making virtual idol handshakes possible. Yay? And while I've got you, why not have a gander at this great Skyrim cosplay.

Finally, check out these pretty Grand Theft Auto V panoramas. The whole taking pictures in game has been one of my favourite things about GTA V so far.

In Short Oculus Rift Makes Virtual Idol Handshakes Possible Do You Love Breaking Bad Enough To Build A LEGO Mosaic China Lifts Their Console Ban, But There's Strings Attached Let's Appreciate Grand Theft Auto V's Panoramas For A Second Adventures In Skyrim Co-Op Cosplay


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