While You Were Sleeping

Morning everyone. Hope you're all feeling spiffy. Time to rattle through some of the news from overnight!

Steam's Big Picture is out of Beta. That's interesting. It's pretty crazy how quickly everyone just sort of forgot about the existence of Big Picture. Was anyone here on the Beta?

This is apparently a leak of Dragonborn, the upcoming Skyrim DLC. It's coming out pretty soon so we'll find out for sure then. How many people are picking up Dragonborn? Anyone still playing Skyrim?

Agent 47 totally did not ask for the Adam Jensen outfit in the new Hitman. But he got it. A totally crazy Pokemon fan broke up this sports game. Amazing. And this is the world's most expensive LEGO Brick. You will not believe how much it is 'worth'.

In Short Steam's Big Picture Is Now Out Of Beta Leaker Shows Off Supposed Skyrim Dragonborn Screenshots Detail Crazy Pokemon Fan Breaks Up Sports Game Dress As Adam Jensen From Deus Ex In Hitman The World's Most Expensive LEGO Brick Costs $14,000


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