While You Were Sleeping

You may have not noticed this but over the last week US Kotaku was down, as a result of Hurricane Sandy. It made our jobs very difficult. Now the US site is back up. Hurray! Which makes our job easier. It also makes While You Were Sleeping easier because there's more US content to have a look at. Everybody wins!

Yesterday I asked you folks if you were still interested in Skyrim DLC. Because I'm really not. I tend to move away from games quickly, I certainly don't go back to them when there's a whole backlog of other games I should or could be starting. But that's just me. Bethesda has just announced Dragonborn, a new set of DLC for Skyrim. Anyone here planning on buying it?

It really sucks that Wreck-It Ralph is getting such a staggered release here in Australia. It's pretty much out in the US now, and we don't get to watch until December. Sigh. Apparently it did well at the box office over the weekend.

This is an interesting piece about how Chinese video games are terrible, this shows just how much work actually goes into an amazing cosplay outfit, and apparently Black Ops II Zombies has leaked!

In Short Wreck-It Ralph Gets Top Score For This Weekend's Movie Box Office Skyrim's Dragonborn DLC Is Official, Here's The Trailer Exchange Student: I Love You China, But Your Games Suck Black Ops II Zombies Leaks All Over The Internet Let's See How Much Work Actually Goes Into An Amazing Cosplay Outfit


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