Watch A Guy Unbox A Real PS4

Watch A Guy Unbox A Real PS4

Hey, it’s Francis! Someone went and sent Francis a regular, retail PS4, which he opens in this video like a kid at Christmas.

If you’re here for his customary RAGE videos, sorry. This one’s literally about taking the same kind of PS4 you’ll be able to buy later this month, opening it up and plugging it in.


  • Lucky bastard.

    Mind you, as much as I started with the Francis videos, I’ve become a big fan of Boogie (his “main” Youtube name). Dude’s pretty smart.

    • He did that video about his life. It didn’t make me cry, I was just cutting onions at the time.

      • Damn onions over here too… damn damn onions… so oniony…

        I started watching Francis’s videos. I find him absolutely repulsive. But however his real self, I find him to be an absolutely amazing man, like @mase said, highly intelligent, well spoken and a very thoughtful man. Obviously Francis is meant to be a repulsive person, so mission objective achieved lol

      • For some reason i hate how the power on sound is the same. After 3 iterations of PS3 models and years of use i’m pretty sick of hearing it. Such a shame.

  • So when a guy gets an Xbone early, he’s banned for life, but when someone gets a PS4 early, it’s because Sony likes gamers?

    • lol its because sony gave it to him for the purpose of doing this video… he has to give it back

        • wasn’t disagreeing with you… just stating its not the same situation… this was a sony marketing/promotional job… Target (US) fucked up… plain and simple

          • The banned guy gets flown to the Xbox One launch event to make up for being unable to play till the 22nd.

          • yeah theres that too… kinda nice of them… but now there are others trying to do the same i think

            it was kinda stupid of the kid… me personally i’d of kept it to myself and enjoyed it… if it was blocked from live so be it… i’d still of had it early and could brag to friends… each to their own

          • Games don’t work with the system out of the box from what I’ve heard. Part of the day one patch enables playing games.

          • @piman yeah it doesn’t work out of the box but the guy still got the day one patch. But after that is banned him. But he said he could still play offline. Perhaps other people haven’t even been able to get the day one patch, I’m not sure.

    • Probably more so because he’s a very large YouTube personality (no pun intended) who’s not leaking every detail about the console/games, in other words, free marketing (sort of).

    • Target sends out preorders early, xbox servers automatically ban him for logging the console on before the release date. Sony sends this guy a PS4 for promoting Sony products.

      Two different stories, two different circumstances.

  • I’d say it seemed legit, but why did she just happen to be filming this? Did SHE set it up?

      • Also – If you’re looking for proof of it being staged, just visit Youtube’s search bar with a “Crazy Christmas N64” and you’ll see where the “inspiriation” came from.

        Edit: This was more directed towards at [Razor] than you, Fenix.

    • Francis is Boogies character – so I think I’m right in saying that any Francis video will be acted, scripted, staged.

      This one was staged, by the look of it.

      They received the box – knew it was from Sony – decided to do a Francis unboxing.

    • Well, the box has DirectTV written on the side, so it’s not even a original Sony package…

      You can see the box is already ripped along the back edge when he peels of the measly 1 piece of tape that’s across the top, showing he’s either boxed it up himself (my guess), or they have done more than 1 take (very likely aswell).

      Sony would never send the playstation without packaging it with some sort of bubble wrap to fill out the box, otherwise it’d just be loosely flopping around.

  • It was a PR stunt, he has mentioned on twitter he was given access to the PS4 for about 2 hrs or so and then it was all gone.

    Funny vid though!

  • He only got it for 2 hours and wasn’t allowed to show UI. Francis is just his character, he isn’t actually that way and the women filming was his wife who in the sketch played his supportive sister.

  • Clearly a PR stunt, look at him throw the Xbox away to set the PS4 up, and after the previous xbox rant on youtube.

  • Give him a week he will be back to screaming at his TV and throwing things. He gets angry so quickly, at everything and anything. He isn’t angry at the game, he is angry at himself.

    Seriously though, it was nice of Sony to give a console to a mentally impaired guy like this.

    • stop generalizing and click on his channel, he plays a fictional character (Francis) he’s a top block when he makes serious videos. Very smart man.

    • That is what I thought too, glad I am not the only one.

      If anyone who had never seen anything else except the occasional video of him yelling about how the Xbox hates him because he is fat and everyone on Xbox Live made him fat, a reasonable person would think he is mentally challenged.

  • So Sony gave him a PS4 for 2 hours and then took it away from him, how cruel. He wasn’t allowed to show gameplay of the UI….
    Why don’t they just take him to an all you can eat buffett and tell him he can only have 1 bowl of soup.

  • If this was legit, (and I know it isn’t) that has to be one of the worst packed boxes ever. No packing peanuts, no bubble wrap and they didn’t even attempt to cut down the box to lessen the amount of room for the PS4 to jostle around in. Sheesh. I hope I never get a package from them.

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